The Vampire Diaries Recap of Season 3, Episode 17, “Break on Through”: The Devil Inside
Credit: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Recap of Season 3, Episode 17, “Break on Through”: The Devil Inside

Just when we were starting to feel comfortable with not trusting (and often not liking) Dr. Meredith, “Break on Through” has to go and change everything up. Isn’t that just like The Vampire Diaries?

The episode opens with the good doc giving Alaric a CAT scan while Elena watches. Meredith’s hoping that maybe Alaric’s homicidal tendencies have grown out of a brain tumor because, as she tells E, “if it’s medical I can treat it.”

During the test, Alaric stares at his own reflection. At first he’s calm. But then his reflection gives him the stink eye and Ric freaks out. As you can guess, not being able to stand the sight of your own self is a sign of bad things to come.

“Everything’s normal,” Dr. Meredith tells Ric. But it’s so not. The absence of a tumor means Mystic Falls’ badass history teacher is seriously crazy in more ways than one.

Elena hears the news and immediately starts trying to fix Ric. Turns out the Gilbert family live-forever rings that he and Jeremy wear were made by a Bennett witch — just like the vampires’ daywalker rings. This makes Elena think that maybe Bonnie can do some sort of spell to erase the killer mojo it’s putting on Alaric. There’s only one problem: Bonnie is still not speaking to Elena because she’s, oh, just a little bit busy babysitting her new vampire mom.

Caroline has stepped in to help Abby through the transition. She delivers a cooler full of blood bags to Abby’s place and finds Mama Witch standing in the garden looking all sad. Apparently, Abby has lost her “connection to the earth.” Bonnie explains this to Caroline by cradling a flower and making it bloom prematurely. Way to show respect for nature, Bon-bon.

While Caroline’s learning about the witch-nature relationship, Damon and Alaric head out to Wickery Bridge where the mayor’s throwing a party to celebrate the start of the bridge’s renovation. Rebekah’s there, as is Sage, the boxing bloodsucker who mentored Damon 100 years ago. “I heard Finn was finally free from that casket your rage-a-holic brother carted him around in,” Sage says when ‘Bekah asks why she’s in town. Turns out, in addition to being her old flame Finn is also Sage’s sire. But Sage has no love for his lil’ sis. The minute Beks walks away, Sage calls her the “ugliest original bitch.”

The Vampire Diaries Recap of Season 3, Episode 17, “Break on Through”: The Devil Inside
Credit: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    

After their shower, Damon goes down into the family library to look up the old milling records. Within minutes he learns that the White Oak wood was used to construct the original Wickery Bridge. He tells Sage and she immediately points out that every piece of wood stripped from the bridge during the renovation is, “a weapon that could kill an Original.” This makes Damon happy. But Sage is not okay with that. She threatens to rip D’s head off if he even thinks about going after Finn. “Let’s make a deal,” Damon counters. “You let me kill Rebekah. I consider Finn untouchable and you guys walk into the sunset together.” Deal.

Meanwhile, out at Abby’s house, Bonnie talks to her mom. Abby wants to leave. She’s afraid she’ll harm Jamie again or Bonnie. “The only way you’re going to hurt me is if you leave,” Bonnie tells her. “Don’t give up on this.”

Back in Mystic Falls, Elena refuses to give up on ‘Ric even though he seems to have given up on himself. Before Elena leaves to go to his house to look for his wedding band, ‘Ric gives her all his personal info — bank account numbers, passwords, location of his will, etc.

After trying to cheer Ric up, E heads over to his house for the wedding band. Stefan meets her there. They share a moment. “I’m not trying to hurt you, Elena,” he says. “I just can’t be who you want me to be right now. I’m not in control.” After that confession, Stefan gives Elena more info about Samantha. He found out that Sam killed two people while she was in the hospital — after they’d taken the ring. This is important because Alaric took the ring off, thinking that if he doesn’t wear it he won’t do any harm. Wrong. Back at the Gilbert house with Meredith, he gets a dangerous dark look in his eyes. While Mer makes coffee he goes through her purse and empties the syringes filled with tranquilizer that she planned to use to keep his homicidal killer in check.

Searching with a renewed sense of urgency, Stefan and Elena go through Alaric’s drawers. Stefan opens one to find it is full of locks of hair and pictures of his victims. It also contains a manifesto addressed to Jeremy. Inside are files on the Founding Family council members and a note to Jeremy that says, “The council must be cleansed before the work can begin.”

Cleary, Crazy Ric plans to kill off the founders. And tonight he’s starting with Meredith. “Do you ever feel remorse?” Alaric asks her as he menacingly picks up a butcher knife. In a psycho rant, he accuses Meredith and the other council members of ignoring their responsibilities. Then he lunges at her stabbing her in the gut. She throws the hot coffee on him then runs upstairs to lock herself into the bathroom.

The Vampire Diaries Recap of Season 3, Episode 17, “Break on Through”: The Devil Inside
Credit: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    

Seeing that Sage can’t stand Rebekah, Damon immediately recruits her to help him find out why ‘Bekah’s suddenly so interested in the history of Mystic Falls.

But let’s leave Mystic Falls for a second to head out to Abby’s place, where Jamie is chopping wood. When Caroline walks up he nearly takes a swing at her with the ax. Yes, he’s that jumpy. Caroline tries to calm him down by reminding him that he has to be strong for Abby because she “needs to feel normal right now.” Jamie replies with: “She’s not normal. None of this is normal.”

A few minutes later, Jamie goes inside to talk to Abby. He apologizes for not coming to support her sooner and they hug. While Jamie supportively caresses her back, Abby vamps out and bites him in the neck. And, with that, his fears are founded!

When Caroline calls to give Elena an Abby update, E boldly states “something really terrible has happened to Ric and I really need her help.” Bonnie agrees to work her magic on Ric. But first Elena has to collect a few things, including something Ric used to wear before he started donning the Gilbert family ring. Elena tells him this and ‘Ric says the only thing he has is his wedding band.

Across town at Casa Salvatore, Rebekah shows up for the party Damon invited her only to discover that Sage is the only other guest. It is a party of three — four if you count the pianist Damon hired to entertain and feed them. Damon wastes no time putting his plan into action. After dancing seductively with Sage he shares a drink of Piano Man with Rebekah then takes the original vampire to bed.

Later, while Beks sleeps in post-coital bliss, Sage reads her mind to discover what she’s after. Then the 900-year-old vamp invites Damon to join her in the shower so that she can show him what she learned. When they’re both naked and soapy and we’re just a little jealous, Sage kisses Damon so that he can see that Bekah has been after the other white oak tree all along.

The Vampire Diaries Recap of Season 3, Episode 17, “Break on Through”: The Devil Inside
Credit: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW ©2012 The CW Network    

While Alaric tries to break into the bathroom, Stefan and Elena rush back to her house and Damon starts to wonder where Sage has wandered off to. Then it hits him. He drives out to the bridge and finds Sage and Rebekah standing in front of a flaming pyre. “I told you I’d save your creepy boyfriend!” Damon cries. But Sage isn’t having it. “You lied to me Damon,” she says. “The Originals are linked. If one dies they all die.”

Damon goes for Sage’s throat but, being more than seven hundred years older, she easily fights him off. Damon tries to hurt her by telling her that Finn volunteered to die so that his mother could kill his siblings.

Back in town, Stefan and Elena arrive at the Gilbert house. Stefan smells the blood and asks Elena to wait on the porch. She doesn’t — of course. As she enters the house Ric walks down the stairs wrapping his hand in a towel. He says Meredith had to go to the hospital to perform an emergency surgery.

Elena suspects something is up and she lies to Alaric. She tells him she couldn’t find his ring and that Stefan didn’t come back with her. Then Alaric sees the knife and Elena spots it too. He lunges at her. Stefan grabs him from behind and puts him in a choke hold until he passes out.

Stef leads Elena upstairs, where they find Meredith on the bathroom floor, near death. Stefan’s eyes go all vampy and just when we think Elena’s about to have another problem on her hands, the youngest Salvatore bites his wrist, feeds Mer his blood, then stumbles out of the room.

Next thing we know, it’s the next day. We don’t get to see the Bonnie spell ceremony. We just see Ric waking up to find Damon sitting in a chair next to him. Sir Salvatore tells Ric about the spell and that he needs to move out and stay at his loft for a bit. “ It’s like house arrest. Light,” D says.

Downstairs, Bonnie gives Elena some herbs that ‘Ric will need to take twice a day. Elena apologizes and gets all teary-eyed. She hugs Bonnie and asks for forgiveness. Because she’s the greatest BFF ever, Bonnie forgives Elena. Then she heads to Abby’s.

Before Bonnie can arrive, Abby leaves. Caroline tries to stop her, but even with Caroline’s help Abby doesn’t trust her new vamp self. So she grabs her bag and mumbles, “Tell her I’m sorry,” then walks out.

As Abby walks out, Damon enters his living room triumphantly. Turns out he only let Sage and Rebekah think they’d destroyed all of the white oak remnants. He holds up a sign for the new bridge that was made using wood from the old one. “I sold my rage. You should have seen me,” he tells Stefan. “Game’s back on brother. Let’s go kills some Originals.”

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