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Bromance Alert! Cory Monteith and 90210’s Dustin Milligan Relive Their Early Days as Roommates

Our Canadian compatriots have a wee bit of Glee-related business to look forward to this weekend, with the release of Cory Monteith (Finn)’s latest film, Sisters & Brothers finally hitting the big screen in select cities!

The film – shot way back in January 2011 and featured last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival – follows four sets of siblings, one of which is brothers portrayed by Cory and 90210’s Dustin Milligan. Cory plays a Hollywood star living the high-life, while his bro is a former star now running a “dubious” charity. The two are estranged on-screen, and for the real-life pals their relationship off-camera both helped and hindered…

Explained Dustin to the National Post, “We were able to fake that tension because of our relationship in real life; we have a quick banter and we do know each other enough that we can push each other’s buttons.”

Just how well DO they know each other? Turns out the guys were roommates back in their formative acting days!

“We met in an acting class,” Dustin shared, “And we had the same coach and Cory got me this job [at a cake shop] because I had just moved to the city.”

The pair shared a cramped apartment – so cramped, in fact, that Cory found himself sleeping in the living room. “I set up a network of bamboo screens,” he told the paper, “so when you came through the front door, you wouldn’t see into my living space. I had a futon that was my bed but I’d fold it up into a couch.”

Lucky for these two, they’ve both found their fair share of success now in Hollywood – but their dear Canada still holds a place in their hearts. “In L.A., you say ‘hi’ to somebody and you shake their hand and…” Dustin said, with Cory cutting in, “…they’re shaking your hand and looking over your shoulder. It’s a lovely place.”

“That’s what’s nice about Canada,” Dustin continued, “These parties, you have a bunch of real Canadians who don’t really know how to do that yet.”

Did we mention they finish each other sentences?

Source: National Post

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03.24.2012 / 02:12 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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