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The Bachelorette

JP Explains How Ashley’s Changed Him “For the Better”

Ashley Hebert is one of only two Bachelorettes still with the recipient of their final rose (Trista Sutter is the other one). Ashley fell for sweet-faced construction manager JP Rosenbaum on Season 7 of the ABC franchise — and the two are still going strong, moving to New Jersey and planning to get married “within the year.”

As Emily Maynard begins filming for The Bachelorette Season 8, JP has been tweeting nostalgically about this same time last year, when he moved into the Bachelor mansion and promptly fell for Ashley. JP even took to his blog to share how his life has changed for the better since winning that final rose:

“I don’t think I fully realized just what the words “compromise” and “sacrifice” meant until I met Ashley. To say that I was set in my ways is probably an understatement, doing what I want, when I wanted, and answering to nobody but me. Fast forward a year later! Now, there isn’t any single second in my life that I wouldn’t give up for that certain someone. There is no more “I,” only “we/us.”

The only downside to finding the love of his life, JP says, is that “having a fiancé makes you fat!” Since moving in with Ashley, he’s gone from a strict daily workout regimen to “sitting on the couch, playing with a Yorkie, watching one of the housewives (yes, I’m man enough to admit it) and looking for any excuse to SKIP the gym!”

Source: JP and Ashley’s Official Blog

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