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The Bachelorette

Wes Hayden Denies Ever Being Gia Allemand’s Boyfriend

Just when we think we’re out, they pull us back in. The whole Gia Allemand/Wes Hayden/Vienna Girardi non-love triangle ended up rearing its head again on the Bachelor Pad 2 premiere — as if there wasn’t enough going on!

As Gia explained in her intro, she and Wes had a special connection on the inaugural season of Bachelor Pad. (She compared him to Shakespeare, but “better and cuter.”) As a result, her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Campoli hit the skids and, according to Gia, she went on to date Wes after the show. Back in January 2011, the rumor emerged that Wes hooked up with Gia’s Bachelor Season 14 BFF Vienna down in Austin, Texas. BFFs no more, they launched into a bitter Twitter feud and the enmity is still going strong on BP2.

However, Wes — who was also asked to be on BP2 but declined — did not appreciate having his name thrown into the mix. His self-defense launched another (indirect) he-said/she-said battle over Twitter:

wesleyhayden: “4 the record Gia & I were never bf & gf We went out 1 weekend & she stayed the nite with Mario Lopez I was done then. Thats the real truth.”

Whoa. He continued:

wesleyhayden: “I hate doing that but if I dont this bs will keep goin. lets let sleepin dogs lie and move on with out lifes. Im happy 4 her & wish her well … I was asked 2 do BP2 but chose not 2 I didnt want 2 drag @GiaAllemand through the mud.She obviously didn't care the same 4me. The raw truth!”

Wes also defended himself on the Bachelorette Beatdown, reiterating to his fellow BP veterans that he and Gia were never boyfriend and girlfriend. "And if I slept with somebody else, who cares? I'm 35 years old. If I wanted to have a three-way with Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell I can do that." (What a gem, this one!)

Gia took to Twitter to defend herself against his defense.

GiaAllemand: “Tonight I am praying for Wes'! I hope he can find happiness and stop making up stories about me on twitter and Facebook!”

When fans tweeted their support and called Wes out on his “BS,” Gia responded with: “I'm glad everyone notices! His words are about as useless as a white crayon! They don't hurt me they just make me want to help him and pray for him!”

For the record, white crayons can be very useful. But more importantly, Gia is now dating another athlete, basketball player Ryan Anderson, so she should really just take this opportunity to deny ever liking Wes at all. Time to make room for that other awkward BP love/hate triangle...

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03.24.2012 / 01:38 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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