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Gossip Girl

Chace Crawford Teases Gossip Girl Season 6, Gushes About Elizabeth Hurley

We’re just one week away from the return of Gossip Girl, and in a season where all kinds of crazy things have been going down — Evil princes! Ruined weddings! Would-be GG reveals! — it’s anybody’s guess what might be on deck as it comes to a close…

One thing we DO know for sure? Elizabeth Hurley’s Diana Payne will return, and her connection to Jack Bass is soon to be revealed!

And as GG star Chace Crawford told UK morning program Lorraine early Monday, “That story is far from over!”

Though he gave no indication as to whether or not Diana’s continuing storyline will intersect with that of Nate and his current flame Lola’s – Chace was nothing if not complimentary of his co-star. “She keeps it light and she’s funny – she’s kind of the epitome, do you know what I mean, of the ideal woman,” Chace told the show’s host, adding, “I love the voice. On the show she’s trying to tell me all these things and I’m trying not to crack a smile because she’s so charming.”

As for life beyond this season’s story arcs, Chace said only that he’s appreciative of how well the show has done, saying, “There was no real way to gage it, I guess, but we’ve had a great run, a really good run. So we’re still going, we’ve got maybe one more year left.”

(Hear that GG-ers? Another season just keeps inching closer and closer to reality!)

Source: The Daily Mail

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