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Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 19: “47 Seconds”

How do we love thee, Caskett? Let us count the ways — literally!

Last night’s Castle, Season 4, Episode 19: “47 Seconds” was a big one for our two in-love leads. Lady Beckett really dropped the ball last night when she unknowingly revealed her season-long secret. Unfortunately, her cute crime writer beloved happened to be within earshot.

Game-changer, much? Let’s just say, Castle was not a happy camper the rest of the episode — and we have a feeling the show will drag this out the final four episodes. Not that we mind!

Did you catch all the Caskett moments last night? Take a gander at the best (and by best, this time we actually mean worst, too) Caskett exchanges from Season 4, Episode 19: “47 Seconds” below!

5. Castle and Beckett Wax Poetic

After perusing the terrifying bomb scene, Castle and Beckett head to the precinct to mull over a few woeful victim tales, and they’re both blown away (figuratively, that is) by the severity of the situation. “Their future, their plans, everything is just gone in flash,” Castle muses. “It makes you think about those things in your own life that you don't want to put off anymore … " Beckett confesses.

So not talking about the victims. Well, maybe, but just a little.

4. Castle Calls Beckett a Coward … Kind of

By ep’s end, Castle has had it with Kate Beckett and her web of lies. When their guilty reporter/bomber says she kept quiet because she wanted to honor her now-dead friend’s memory, Castle replies, coldly: “Silence by innocence, maybe it’s alright, but it's downright cowardly.”

Beckett shuffles awkwardly at Castle’s icy tone, but it’s oh-so-obvious she’s still confused by his chilly demeanor. Come on, girl! You spilled the beans! Since when has Kate Beckett been so, well, dumb?

3. Fool Me Once, Shame On You …

After Castle accidentally hears Beckett’s secret, he asks Mama Martha to accompany him to the bombing memorial, where he confides in her that Beckett knew about the bomb — er, his L-bomb — the whole time. Martha tells Castle to buck up, that his "girlfriend" isn’t dead, but he responds, "She might as well be.” Burn!

He also says he feels like a fool and he’s clearly tore up thinking that she doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe it’s dramatic, but we’re pretty sure Castle is mourning the end of his non-relationship. Not yet, Castle! We’re still holding out hope!

2. (Many) Missed Opportunities

Castle is clearly moved by this case — and his mother’s advice. So much so, that he decides to make a move and sit Beckett down for a little chat. “I’ve been thinking about the victims, and all the opportunities they’ll never have and I don’t want that to happen … I’ve been … ” he starts, before he gets cut off by Ryan. Convenient.

Beckett hesitates, but he responds “It’s OK, it can wait til after the case.” Except sadly, it can’t because by the end of this case, everything has changed. Wa wa wa.

1. Beckett Reveals Her Secret

Obviously not her proudest moment, Beckett let her secret out of the bag while interrogating Bobby-the-Pickpocket. When her suspect claims he doesn’t remember what happened during the bombing due to the “trauma” of it all, Beckett flies off the handle. “You don’t get to use that excuse. You want to know trauma? I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it," she responds wildly.

Did we mention Castle is totally tuning in from the other side of the glass and hanging on her every word? Oh, yeah. ‘Cause that happened.

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