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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Season 4, Episode 19, “47 Seconds”?

It's all out in the open, Castle fans! And we're not just talking about the identity of the Boylan Square bomber. (Leann West, by the way? Who saw that coming?!)

As suspenseful as the case was, let's be honest here — the bombing was completely overshadowed by the turmoil between Castle and Beckett, who faced the biggest bombshell of their entire relationship: the truth.

Everything about Beckett's reveal lived up to our expectations, from the stellar writing to the seamless editing, and, of course, the unparalleled performance by Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. The way Rick and Kate unknowingly exchange glances through the two-way mirror? We are still trying to catch our breaths.

But it wasn't just Stana and Nathan who sent our hearts into overdrive — 18-year-old Molly Quinn displayed the true breadth of her talent during Alexis's tearful scene at the morgue, and actress Susan Sullivan delivered a heart-to-heart so moving we started rethinking what matters most in our own lives.

And we'd be remiss if we failed to mention Castle creator Andrew Marlowe, who we have entrusted with our hearts and souls throughout this 3-year journey. Tonight, he proved that good things are not only worth waiting for, they're also worth fighting for. Was tonight's episode frustrating? Yes. Are we emotionally spent? Of course. But isn't that what the great love stories are about?

We know that Castle and Beckett have a bumpy road ahead, but we're willing to weather the storm with them, no matter how long it takes.

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03.27.2012 / 08:55 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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