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Castle Season 4 Spoiler: Will Kate Beckett’s Secret Drive Her and Richard Castle Apart?

Tonight's episode of Castle will go down in history as a major game-changer for our will-they-or-won't-they lead characters Kate Beckett and Richard Castle.

As we learned from this sneak peek video, Beckett will accidentally reveal her secret — that she remembers hearing Rick say "I love you" the day she was shot — but what we don't know is how it will affect the duo's dynamic as Season 4 comes to a close.

"When some of the information is put on the table and they start making discoveries, then it's going to cause them both to do a little soul-searching," show creator Andrew Marlowe told The Hollywood Reporter.

Although our couple will spend some time apart in the episodes leading up to the season finale, Marlowe assures us we'll have plenty of Caskett moments as Rick and Kate struggle to make sense of their emotions.

Credit: Karen Neal/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

"They're both in those episodes and those episodes [show] two characters wrestling with the ramifications of the actions of the other. So I wouldn't necessarily call it a time-out or a time apart, I think that you'll see characters acting out declaring themselves."

And by "declaring themselves," Marlowe means that Castle and Beckett will finally stop speaking in metaphors.

"Instead of the characters being coy and doing everything in subtext and not wanting to risk themselves, we start to see characters really trying to figure out what they want," he said.

Specifically, we'll see Beckett open up to Lanie during their much-anticipated girls' night out. According to Marlowe, our detective darling will confront some of her "deepest fears" about herself and relationships.

"And what better to do that than with a girlfriend over a glass of wine?" Marlowe muses. "It'll give us insight to how Beckett's feeling; she hasn't been that vocal about it, but there are some opportunities to really get to see where she stands with Castle, where she thinks she stands, and whether she wants that relationship or she wants something different."

The times they are a-changin', Castle fans!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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