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Lindsay Lohan Nears Final Probation Hearing: 5 Things She Shouldn’t Do Before Then

Lindsay Lohan completed her final meeting with her probation officer last week, and now the one remaining hurdle between LiLo and sweet, sweet freedom is a hearing on Thursday, March 29.

We have (almost) no doubt Lindsay can keep her record clean for at least the next four days (especially since she’s put herself on house arrest), but just in case she needs some extra guidance, we’ve pulled together five things she should avoid before her impending court date.

5 things Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t do before Thursday:

1. Drive
With only two weeks to go before her final court date, Lindsay allegedly grazed a 26-year-old nightclub manager while driving away from the paparazzi. Although her most recent probation report recommends that it not be considered a violation, we still think it would be wise for Lindsay to leave the driving to someone — anyone — else. Just to be safe.

2. Dye her hair
This is less about Lindsay staying out of trouble and more about seeing if it’s possible: Can she go four days without changing the color of her hair? We hope so, because she needs to stay a redhead for as long as it takes her to land another Mean Girls-esque role.

3. Eat a powdered donut
This is only bad if the paps catch her wiping some powdered sugar off her nose.

4. Revive her friendship with Paris Hilton
It wasn’t a good idea seven years ago. It wasn’t a good idea one year ago. It’s not a good idea now.

5. Forget underwear
Just don’t. For everyone’s sake.

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03.27.2012 / 02:37 AM EDT by Laura Case
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