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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Speculation: Is Melissa Blackwell’s Daughter/Cassie’s Sister?

Rumor has it that John Blackwell has an illegitimate love-child running around Chance Harbor, and we've made it our mission to find out which member of The Secret Circle is his spawn. Ready, set, lock, unlock!

Obviously, we can automatically nix Jake (Chris Zylka) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) from the list, unless The CW has a new and improved incest policy. Faye's (Phoebe Tonkin) creepy obsession with dark magic definitely makes her a contender, but we think she's too obvious –– which leaves Diana (Shelley Hennig) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

Of course Dirty Di and Cassie have that whole biffle-bond, but we're willing to bet that Melissa is John Blackwell's secret kiddo. They had a lingering connection in Season 1, Episode 17 "Curse" when Blackwell complemented Melissa on her potion making, and we definitely sensed some sparks fly as they smiled at each other.

Let's get real: Either these two are related, or they're about to have an affair. Honestly, we don't know which possibility is more exciting!

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