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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Will Ricky and Amy Have Another Baby? Secret Life’s Daren Kagasoff Tells All – Exclusive

The wait is finally over! Tonight, we’ll see what happens after the big proposal on the spring premiere of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Will Ricky and Amy get to the altar or will we see dramatic roadblocks in our favorite couple’s way? And will another baby make four for the kids who started their romance the hard way with a teen pregnancy?

Daren Kagasoff, who plays Ricky, recently told Wetpaint Entertainment what we can expect from the relationship and his own hard-knocks character.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Everyone wants to know when Ricky and Amy will get married. Will the pending nuptials go smoothly?

Daren Kagasoff: [Coyly] You know, it could go smoothly. I mean right now, we're shooting the fifth season. The season that’s actually going to air [starts tonight] March 26.

You get to see a lot of drama between us two because we live together now. She moved in. I don't know. You guys get to see if we go forward with the marriage, if she says yes.

Will we know this season if they’re going to tie the knot?

Well, you might not know. I'll give that away. In March, you might hear a little — tidbits here and there — of what's going on. But this season [we’re working on now] is a big season, I think.

Season 5 is where all the action's happening.

Will they have baby No. 2?

Maybe. Ricky does have that strong, good — that strong stuff.

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Do you really think they want to be married with two kids and the white picket fence?

I think deep down Ricky does because he never had that type of family, and he didn't grow up with that. So I think ideally, he sees how Ben gets treated in his family. And we're not talking about money because [his character] comes from a far wealthier family than I do, but just talking about the structure of the family, [Ben] comes from such a great family.

I think Ricky working for his dad has [taught him] so much [about] himself. So I think he kind of wants to emulate what Ben has as far as family.

And that's worked out really well for Ben!

Yeah. I know, right? [But] it's been good.

Who’s going to have doubts about the relationship, Ricky or Amy?

A lot of people have their doubts in the show. A lot of the different characters have their doubts, but a lot of them are also supportive. So it's kind of hard to say.

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Wow, you’re cagey! Can you tell us if there’s anything else happening for Ricky during the summer? Is his storyline just focused on him and Amy?

Well, you get to kind of see his relationship develop with his real mom. And you didn't get to see that in the previous seasons because she has a drug problem and an alcohol problem. So you kind of get to see their relationship grow.

I mean, they become the best of friends, and I think they really start to understand each other a lot more in this next season.

Does he see himself in his mom? Is he afraid he could end up like her?

One hundred percent. But I think he's got a good head on his shoulders. He'll never go back to that. He would never go to that just because he grew up with his father sexually abusing him [and his] mom being an alcoholic [and] drug addict.

So I think when you're around those types of things, you kind of want to steer away from them. I'm hoping that. But it would be cool for Ricky to become a drug addict though [because] that would be fun to play!

I think Ben's cornered that.

Yeah, right.

How do you feel being on the show all this time?

It's surreal. I would never have thought. I’m just so happy to be a part of it.

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