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Jersey Shore

Could Snooki and The Situation’s Soberness Help Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore Season 6 is a go, but two key cast members, Snooki and The Situation, will theoretically have to be sober while filming — Snooki because she's pregnant, Sitch because he's in rehab. Could this prove to be a problem for the show?

Recently, rumors surfaced that the production company behind Jersey Shore is looking to downplay Sitch and Snooki's role next season, and might even bring in replacements. For the record, Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano told us she doesn't know anything about that rumor, and plans on portraying Snooki and Sitch's situations honestly next season.

The Huffington Post recently spoke to brand analyst Adam Hanft, of Hanft Projects, and he said he thinks Sitch and Snooki's new lifestyle is anything but a problem for the show.

"I think there can be a successful post-booze chapter for them," he explained. "Viewers will want to see how they deal with it. The absence of drunken antics will itself be a plot element."

That makes sense to us. Given how dull Season 5 was most of the time, the show clearly needed to shake things up. Maybe Sitch and Snooki's sobriety is exactly the new element needed to make Jersey Shore fresh again.

The Huffington Post also spoke with an unnamed casting director, who agreed with Adam. "Nothing makes better reality TV than babies and weddings," the casting director explained. "Add into that a kid that’s famous for partying who is now trying to change. That’s the ingredient for ratings gold."

When asked if they'll still watch the show with Sitch and Snooki sober, the majority of our fans said "definitely, it would still be fascinating," so it looks like the show doesn't have anything to worry about.

Source: Huffington Post

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