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The Bachelor

Kacie Boguskie Talks Ben and Courtney, Finding The Perfect Man, and Bachelor Pad 3 — Exclusive!

If there was any doubt that Kacie Boguskie is truly one of the sweetest contestants to come out of The Bachelor, consider what she was doing when we called her up for a chat in her hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee.

“I’m buying cards to respond to fan mail,” chirps the Season 16 fan favorite who probably would’ve been The Bachelorette if Emily Maynard hadn’t already gotten the gig. But that’s OK, because Kacie’s since stolen the hearts of many in Bachelor Nation (Ryan Park, perhaps?) with her bubbly persona and tell-it-like-it-is attitude (which is adorably softened by her Southern twang).

Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Kacie tells us like it is in regards to her post-Bachelor love life, what she thinks of Ben Flajnik’s fiancee Courtney Robertson now, and the four things her future husband must know about her.

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What have you been up to since Bachelor wrapped?
Kacie: All kinds of stuff. I’m teaching baton 2 to 3 nights a week. And I’m a consultant for Rodan and Fields skincare line... It’s a unique time in my life, so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can.

How’s your dating life changed since the show?
It’s sorta weird because random people ask you out that you don’t know, and you don’t know who to trust. So it makes it kinda hard. It’s like, you want to let your guard down, but you have to put it up even more now because… You just don’t know people’s motives anymore, and that’s kinda hard.

Did being on The Bachelor change your views on how a relationship should play out?
It has changed how I want my next relationship to play out. I don’t think there’s any ideal way for it to, but I want it to be… easy. As easy as it can be. Natural.

Do you believe that you can fall in love with someone as quickly as it does on The Bachelor?
I really do, I think you can find — when you find it, you find it. There’s no timeline on love, I don’t think, at all.

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As a Southern girl, can you compare the Southern boys to California boys, now that you’ve “dated” Ben?
Before I thought everybody was kinda the same but Southern guys are a lot different from guys in California or the North — and not in a bad way. It’s just that there’s differences with what you’re willing to accept. I mean, I’m used to guys — not that Ben, didn’t but — guys who open up doors and stuff like that and not everybody does that. And I want to find the person that does that.

What else are you looking for in a guy?
After [The Bachelor], I know I want someone who has the same Christian beliefs that I do; someone that’s adventurous and fun and likes to try new things; someone who’s going to be my best friend [and] accepts me for all my little quirks and everything. Just somebody who I’m very comfortable with.

What does your future husband need to know about you?
Look, I’m very low maintenance. But I need 3-slash-4 things — and the fourth thing is something your mother should’ve taught you a long time ago. As long as you can [1.] take out the trash, [2.] wash the cars, and [3.] take care of the yard — I don’t care if you pay somebody to do it, get it done.

And then the fourth one is put down the toilet seat.

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Do you see yourself ever moving out of Tennessee?
I’ve always wanted to try somewhere new for awhile. I love Tennessee and if something were to keep me here, I would stay. But I’m at the point where I kinda want to try somewhere new. I’ve talked about moving to California; I don’t know so much if LA is my thing but somewhere in the state because I love the weather there.

Are there any former Bachelor or Bachelorette alum you’d like to meet?
I’ve always loved Jillian Harris, and I actually got to meet her. She was in town doing Extreme Home Makeover here. I’d like to meet Molly and Jason [Mesnick], they seem pretty cool. And Trista [Sutter]. Ashley [Hebert]. I mean, I don’t know, I like them all!

Did you have any crushes on past contestants when you were just a fan?
Yeah! I think they always do a good job of picking hot, sweet [guys] — just depends on what you want. They’ve had some great guys. I’ve met Ryan [Park]. He’s awesome. Roberto [Martinez] will be [at the Chris4Life Cancer Foundation auction, which Kacie B. will also be attending]. Dave [Good] will be there. So it’ll be cool to get to meet all these people I’ve been like, ‘Oh, he’s kinda cute.’ [laughs]

Credit: via Ryan Park's Twitter    

Speaking of Ryan Park, that photo you guys took with the hand-hearts had fans hoping you two were dating...
I love what one picture can do. No, he’s a great guy, y’know, and we’ll just see what happens. We live in two different places right now so that makes it hard. But… We’ll see!

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Funny you say that because I think that’s the one side of Ben we didn’t get to see much of on the show.
A lot of people didn’t see that side of him, but he’s very funny, goofy, likes to cut up… And they don’t show a lot of it. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so much fun,’ and then you watch it… But he really is!

Courtney Robertson
Oh, God bless America. At this point, I don’t know anymore. Because I used to say one thing, but now I can’t say that because my opinion has changed.

Why has your opinion changed?
Because I think that, at the end of the day, she’s a real person and she’s gotten a lot of bad [publicity] and I don’t want to add to that.

But I think Courtney is… I think they should make a new [adjective] and it’s ‘Courtney.’

So has your opinion about Ben and Courtney as a couple changed since the finale? Like, do you see them now and think, ‘I get it’?
While I was there I didn’t get it. But now that I’ve watched the show I’m like, Yeah, I see why they’re good together. And they seem to hit it off. Who am I to judge who’s right for who?

I really hope they work out [and] prove a lot of people wrong... And even if it’s not what America thinks is a ‘perfect love’ — I mean, it’s their love.

Credit: Photo via Samantha Charlotte Levey's Facebook    

Let’s go back to that time during the season when you had a different idea of Courtney. Was there a part of you, when you returned to Switzerland, that thought Ben would really just heed your advice and kick Courtney to the curb?
The whole reason I went back was for closure — it wasn’t to warn him. Then I figured, while I’m there, why not say something? It’s one of those things where, if I was in his position and someone had some concerns — I had no gun in the fire at that point so I was like, y’know, I’m gonna say something, and so I did. If he listened or not was up to him, but maybe he was questioning, maybe he needed to talk it out with somebody... I didn’t know. But I figured, heck, I flew across the world, I might as well say something.

I needed that closure to move on. Especially in something like this where you can’t talk to him, you can’t ask questions, and you can’t text him… So whenever I had the chance, I took it.

Another misconception about the show is that this season’s girls were the cattiest bunch compared to past seasons. But many of you are good friends...
It was actually a really great group of girls and we all really got close.

So... Would you ever do Bachelor Pad?
I’m on the fence about that one. I think it would be fun. I’ve watched a few of the previous seasons’ episodes to see what it was like and I think... I’d consider it, for sure.

(Editor’s note to Mike Fleiss: Make it happen!)

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