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The Voice

The Voice Season 2: Best Performance of the Night From Battle Round 4 on March 26, 2012 (VIDEO)

After weeks of strong battle round performances, last night’s battles were like the greasy crumbs at the bottom of your favorite bag of chips.

Though The Voice Season 2 Battle Round 4 was promoted as being the biggest, most emotional set of duets, it was pretty underwhelming in comparison to the likes of Erin Willett vs. Gwen Sebastian, Sera Hill vs. Geoff McBride, and Jesse Campbell vs. Anthony Evans.

The night started off with the Team Cee Lo and contestants James Massone and WADE. Their performance of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” reduced Cee Lo Green to tears. We’re not exactly sure why, since the weak, slow tempo performance left the audience with nothing to do except wave their arms back and forth lackadaisically.

Up next was some girl power from Team Adam — Mathai vs. Nicolle Galyon. Nicolle’s big schtick is her piano playing, but unfortunately for her, this show is called The Voice not The Pianist (that’s actually a moving film starring Adrian Brody, Nicolle).

Lacking confidence and putting on a subpar performance, Nicolle was eliminated and Mathai went on to join the “unique voices club” made up of Erin Martin, Charlotte Sometimes, Lindsey Pavao, and Naia Kete.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs / NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

In what was billed as the strangest performance of the night, Team Christina’s MC Moses Stone and country duo The LiNE duked it out for a spot in the live shows. Of all the crazy pairings we’ve seen (The Shields Brothers vs. Erin Martin, Sarah Golden vs. Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers vs. Jamie Lono), this one worked the best. But that doesn’t mean it was good.

Moses’s energy was infectious, but his vocal skills could have been stronger, and The LiNE’s Hailey Steele couldn’t seem to get over the fact that the song was lively, as she awkwardly shuffled across the stage.

Though Moses seemed more than ready to rock the stage with the duo, Hailey’s icy reception of the pairing translated into the battle round performance, making it stiff and uncomfortable. Moses won, leaving Hailey to refuse comment to the cameras and loyal Leland to trail off after her.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs / NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Those who turned on the TV around the time of Karla Davis and Orlando Napier’s performance might never watch The Voice again. The pairing was so dull we were reduced to the stereotypical I-wonder-if-they-might-be-a-couple thoughts.

Well, they’re not. And even with the “controversial” song change, Adam Levine wasn’t able to keep half of America from falling asleep to their performance of “Easy” by Lionel Richie.
Karla won, but Christina Aguilera put it best [spoken in a bored tone as if it were a question], “It was just a little lackluster for me. I wanted more dynamic. This isn’t my decision, but Karla I thought you were a little more entertaining for me?”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs / NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

It’s become a requirement that every Voice episode must have at least one unfair performance. And last night that was the performance between country singer Jordan Rager and street reggae artist Naia Kete.

Blake Shelton chose the Jason Mraz song “I’m Yours.” The moment he said those words, you could have gone to make a sandwich, because it was obvious that Naia had it in her Rastafarian back pocket.

The worst part was that Naia didn’t even give a strong performance because the “pressure” of performing a song in her genre was simply too much to handle.


Not surprisingly, the best performance of the night was the only one NBC promoted …

... Tony Vincent vs. Justin Hopkins singing “Faithfully” by Journey.

The two rocked out to the classic tune, and though we originally thought Broadway rock star, Tony, would be the clear frontrunner, Justin’s grizzly voice was a serious contender.

It was a strong performance, but, again, compared to the previous weeks it didn’t inspire any strong reaction or emotion. Except from Cee Lo. And that doesn’t count because apparently the final battle rounds was his official crying night.

What did you think of last night’s performances? Comment below!

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