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Was Castle’s Cold-Shoulder Reaction in Castle Season 4, Episode 19: “47 Seconds” Out of Character?

A bomb may have exploded in Boylan Plaza, but it wasn’t the only bomb dropped in NYC last night! Kate Beckett dropped a damaging nugget of her own when she revealed she remembered “everything” about her sniper shooting – including Rick Castle’s “I love you” — right in front of her not-quite-lover.

The poor crime writer was understandably hurt by the gut-wrenching revelation. For the remainder of the ep, he just wasn’t himself. He was pissed — and although he didn’t say anything out right, he definitely made it known. Castle shot the brunette beauty several icy glances, made a few snide remarks (“it’s cowardly”), and finally, turned her down for a drink — just the two of them. We mean, who does that? Apparently, hell hath no fury like a Castle scorned!

Since Beckett is usually the passive aggressive one aboard this (now-sinking) ship, it was a little confusing to see Castle freeze up and give her the cold shoulder without first calling her out. We were a little shocked that there was no big confrontation, or even hints that there might be one in upcoming eps. From the looks of things, Castle’s vowed to keep quiet and stuff his feelings down. And lick his wounds by gallivanting around town with a floozy blonde, natch. Sounds like Castle’s regular M.O. to us!

That being said, it’s frustrating Castle didn’t attack the subject head-on. We mean, how much longer can these two play pretend before one of them blows up (figuratively)? We kind of thought last night would be the tipping point, but it seems Castle writers decided to drag this storyline out a tad bit longer. Oh, how they love to make us suffer!

How do you feel about Castle’s reaction to Beckett’s bomb, Castle fans? Were you OK with him giving her the cold shoulder, or were you gunning for a full-on confrontation? Sound off below!

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03.28.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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