Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor BFF Reveals Why She Was “Instantly Attracted” to Her
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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor BFF Reveals Why She Was “Instantly Attracted” to Her

Casey Shteamer’s Bachelor legacy looked like it would fall among the many other contestants who left the show because they (may or may not have) had a significant other back home. But when Season 16 turned into The Courtney Robertson Show, Casey’s ugly (cry) departure was but a minor blip.

Instead, she would forever be known as the only friend of season “villain” Courtney. Casey spoke to Emme magazine and dished about her dramatic exit and on what she saw in Ben Flajnik’s controversial winner that no one else in the house seemed to.

My best guess [that led Michael to talk to producers] is that he had always thought he had my emotions even after we broke up. And for me to so outwardly take the steps to move on from that relationship, I think freaked him out more than he realized it would.

Courtney and I first became friends on the first night. I can’t do my hair to save my life, and I actually just let it air-dry for the first night. I thought it looked terrible, and she sat in the bathroom with me during that night using some curling iron another girl had snuck in, fixing my hair. She didn’t even know me, but she was so sweet right off the bat.

I was instantly attracted to Courtney’s energy because she didn’t seem to have the need to be the center of attention the other girls had at times, especially that first week. The first week of the show was hard because I think most of the girls had a hard time being themselves in the beginning, and it seemed like everyone was competing to be the center of attention. I never got that vibe from Courtney, and I appreciated that.

I keep in touch with Courtney and most of the girls; about 10 of us are very close. We talk daily, whether it be via text, phone, Facebook, or Twitter. I am so happy with the people I have been able to connect with because of this show. That has been by far what I am most happy about and the best part of the experience for me. There are some people I met from this show who have proven to be hugely influential in my life.

For more from Casey, check out the full interview here.

Source: Emme

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