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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week 3 Sneak Peek: Personal Story Week

It’s here! Story Week is back, making the 11 remaining couples of Dancing With the Stars Season 14 dance to their most memorable year.

The Week 3 theme has become a fan favorite since it helps the audience really get to know the stars. But it can be tricky, too, since the most dramatic/emotional stories tend to get the best reaction from the judges and folks at home. Remember last season when Kristin Cavallari danced a really good Samba … and no one cared because her most memorable year wasn’t memorable? Maybe it was so not memorable that you don’t even remember? She got sent home for it. Will that happen again this season? The couples talked to On the Red Carpet about their plans.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd, Rumba
"It's a Story Week, so I really think it's just going to be about touching the audience and touching the judges," Peta said, probably not meaning it literally, so don’t get your hopes up, Len Goodman. "Portraying it, acting it out properly and conveying the story."

Donald won't reveal his story right now. "It's emotional," he said. "It's going to be heart-wrenching," Peta said. He promised to reveal more through the week. He also promised Peta they aren't going to go home second.

Watch the whole interview here.

Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas, Slow Waltz
"I can't tell you the story," Mark says. "I'll get in trouble!"

Does Katherine want us to see a story that's romantic, dramatic, comedic or emotional? She turns to Mark. "I'd say it's just something that everyone can relate to," Mark answers. "It's definitely something that everyone goes through at some stage in their lives. I think it's something that's moving and I think it's something that sparks good memories. It's going to be nice. Memorable."

Katherine said she's been looking forward to this week. "I really hoped that I could get to the third week 'cause I really, really wanted to do this next dance because it is a story close to my heart. I would love — I can't wait to get in there and start doing it." Sounds like it’s going to be good.

By the way, their new team name is Welsh Wiggler. Change your hashtags!

Watch the interview below.

William Levy & Cheryl Burke, Salsa
William grew up listening to Salsa music in Cuba and if he could do any dance at all, he'd pick the Salsa. So lucky for him ...

"Next week is the Salsa," Cheryl said. "It is his favorite dance that he wants to do, so that's going to help to be able to go into the studio and create the choreography and come out here and hopefully perform our best."

How will William wow us on Monday night? "Just having fun,” he said. “If I enjoy what I'm doing I believe people are going to enjoy it and that's the main thing here, you know?"

Plus, it's the Salsa, which is another hip-shaking Latin dance. "It can be sexy, yes," Cheryl said, laughing. Shirt on or off? We'll have to see.

Watch the whole interview here.

Maria Menounos & Derek Hough, Rumba
As Derek noted, "Next week's Rumba, the dance of love. So I'm going to bust out 'the love hand.'" He illustrates “the love hand” with a gentle caress of Maria’s face. "This one's gonna get interesting," Maria said.

To compete with William Levy and his screaming fan base, they joke that they're going to have to take off all their clothes and get "inappropriate."

Watch the video below.

Gladys Knight & Tristan MacManus, Foxtrot (?)
By Tuesday night they still weren’t sure about their dance. At that moment it was a Foxtrot but it could change the next morning. "Because I want it to be right," Tristan said. "And Gladys is lucky enough to have so many memorable years that daily it changes."

Watch the whole interview here.

Jack Wagner & Anna Trebunskaya, Samba
How are they going to wow the audience on Monday? "Well, I think we did pretty good this week and we'll just keep [wowing] again and again and again,” Anna said.

They’re “bringing the sexy,” she said, with the Samba. They were almost ready for their Samba with their bright Jive costumes. "It was aqua last week, orange this week," Jack said. "And I just looked and her and went 'What color'? What am I going with next week? Just put it on me.’"

Watch the whole interview here.

Jaleel White & Kym Johnson, Rumba
Kym wasn't there for the video, since she was changing, so Jaleel did the video solo ... until Donald Driver showed up to help as moral support.

What's Jaleel going to do next week? "The dance that we're doing for the third week is the Rumba, it's the dance of love. I'm pretty confident that Kym and I are going to be able to stir up that passion, I really am, but at the same time we're both precision people. So I got to get the steps down. It's almost kind of like knowing your dialogue. You can't even begin to act until you know your dialogue."

Watch the whole interview here.

Sherri Shepherd & Val Chmerkovskiy, Rumba
What are they going to show on Monday? "I think we're going to show a huge contrast between this week and next week," Val said. "It's a very personal story to Sherri, very powerful and I'm going to try and translate that into choreography and hopefully the audience is going to appreciate it. But it's going to be a different Sherri. It's not going to be shaking and [raises hands]."

Sherri is glad to be showing another side of herself. "That's what this show is about and why I've been such a fan of Dancing with the Stars,” she said. “It's not all one type of genre. People when they stay on, they get to show so many different sides of who they are. Kirstie Alley got to do it, Ricki Lake got to do it and I hope to be able to do it as well." She turns to Val. "I sound like one of those beauty pageant contestants, don't I?"

Watch the interview below.

Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, ?
Mel and Maks are keeping their dance a mystery, for now. She has a lot of life experience to choose from for the most memorable year theme. How is she going to pick one moment?

"It's a very difficult decision to make," Melissa said. "That's why it's an ongoing discussion, because there have been some monumental events in my life. Births, divorce, marriage, death. ... Successes, just blessings beyond measure. So trying to find one, it seems unfair to the rest of the moments."

She started acting when she was 2 and Maks joked that they have 100 years to go through. Watch to the end of the video to see her do a cute little ho-down prairie dance.

Watch the whole interview here.

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower, ?
They don’t mention their dance style, just that it’s going to be “fun” to show another side of Roshon. When it comes to life experience, Roshon has the least amount, making this next week either very easy or very difficult.

"It's going to be actually in the middle somewhere," Roshon said. "I feel like we're going to have a great story. I feel like our dance next is really going to take us to the next level because we are now super motivated to not be under a giant red light again. ... And now I get to tell a most memorable story in the next dance. I have a lot of stories, so this is going to give me a chance to really express myself and show the world what I'm about and stuff."

Chelsie compares Roshon to an onion with different layers to peel back. "This Monday is going to be a side of him that people are going to be impressed with, I think."

Watch the whole interview here.

Gavin DeGraw & Karina Smirnoff, ?
They don’t talk about their dance style in the video, but they do talk a lot about using it to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

"We now know he has great sense of humor and he has great attitude," Karina said, "but I think after the show on Monday people are going to see a deeper side of him that they didn't see yet."

Gavin said that's a little scary. "I didn't know that she took my reciting of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ so seriously!" On a more serious note, Gavin likes the idea of people connecting with him more. "I think it's really important. I think one of the reasons that everybody joins a show like this is because they're hoping that they'll be able to connect with their own audiences in a different type of way than they've ever done before. There's certainly a level of exposure that you're hoping for in the best possible way as far as connecting personally is concerned. And you can really only do that with something like this that helps you build a great story of making yourself vulnerable to try something new."

He goes on and mentions something about leaving his microphone on all day, which is a bit odd. Karina definitely doesn't give him the adoring gazes she gave J.R. Martinez and Ralph Macchio. Not saying these two don’t get along, but she’s giving a different vibe.

Watch the whole interview here.

Catch the next new episode of DWTS on Monday, April 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: On the Red Carpet

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