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Martha Tells Richard Not to Return to the Precinct on Castle: Did She Give the Right Advice?

It’s no secret Mama Martha knows best. We literally clapped out loud when Miss M gave Castle perhaps the best piece of advice in the history of advice-giving, when she told her son he needed to open up to Beckett — while she’s conscious, that is — before it’s too late.

And then! We were elated Rick took that advice to heart (even if the moment was totally, but so not shockingly, interrupted), but after that, something happened. When the dejected crime writer came to his marvelous mom the second time around to tell her the sad news that Beckett knew he loved her the entire time and never made a peep, Martha’s advice wasn’t what we were hoping for.

Instead of encouraging her son to man up and demand an explanation from the detective, Martha basically told Castle to let it go. Walk away. Eff the precinct. Whatevs. Wait … what? Don’t you think he should at least talk to her before just assuming she doesn’t feel the same way? Don’t we all know Beckett is far more complicated than meets the eye?

What’s even more frustrating is that Martha’s advice earlier in the ep was so good and encouraged honest communication! And now this? We feel a little let down. We don’t know whether it was Martha orCastle writers who dropped the ball, but it seems somebody made a massive mistake with that little scene.

How ‘bout you, Castle junkies? Are you peeved at Martha’s curt response to Castle’s proclamation? Do you think she should have pushed him to talk to Beckett and get her to own up to her mistake? Or was Martha right in telling Castle to turn away, tail between his legs?

Maybe mama instinct kicked in and she just didn’t want to see her lil’ man get hurt?

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03.29.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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