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Pretty Little Liars

Parking Lot Kiss! Top 5 Hottest Ezria Moments of All Time From Pretty Little Liars

Choosing the hottest moments between Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) on Pretty Little Liars is no easy task, considering that these have sexiness down to a science. Still, there are certain Ezria scenes that stand out above the rest, including quite a few recent ones from the end of Season 2. (Translation: These two are chaste no longer!)

So here is a list of the Top 5 hottest Ezria moments of all time. Just don’t blame us if you need to take a cold shower after you’re all done reading it. (And don’t forget to also check out our list of the hottest Haleb moments, too!)

5. Aria hops into Ezra’s car in the rain (Season 1, Episode 2: “The Jenna Thing”)
These two certainly had some hot make-out sessions in the pilot episode, but it wasn’t until they hooked up in Ezra’s car during the rain in the second episode that we knew they had something special. Let’s face it: The rain makes everything sexier, right? Then again, Aria’s mom had just been flirting with Ezra earlier in the episode at a movie theater, and nothing is less sexy than your mom hitting on your boyfriend.

4. Dancing at the masquerade ball, mask-free (Season 2, Episode 25: “UnmAsked”)
Okay, so a couple’s first dance isn’t quite as big a deal as *other* firsts (wink, wink), but it was so cute how Ezra surprised Aria at the masquerade ball, saying that he can’t stay away from her. If you didn’t get chills when he lifted off their masks so he could see her during that first dance, then you were probably wearing too many layers, sweetie.

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3. Ezra shows up in Philly to kiss Aria in the rain (Season 2, Episode 17: “The Blond Leading the Blind")
Yet another kiss in the pouring rain! Uh, do these two not realize that you can buy an umbrella at any corner store for, like, five bucks? It’s not a big investment! Still, this moment was super-dramatic, with Aria waiting forever on the bench in Philly during one of her “dates” with Holden, not knowing if Ezra would show up... until he finally does at the last minute! Swoon. Let’s face it: Ezria plus rain equals sexy (which is the only math problem that we can do without a calculator).

2. The first time! (Season 2, Episode 24: “If These Dolls Could Talk”)
We were beginning to wonder if these two would *ever* seal the deal, so we were especially pleased with how perfect this moment was, with Ezra asking, “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” And then they moved to the bed, where things got so hot, we were kinda expecting the smoke detector to go off. Plus, considering that Ezra had just gotten fired from Hollis, this probably isn’t such a bad severance package.

1. That parking lot kiss that we all still have dreams about (Season 2, Episode 2: “The Goodbye Look”)
Ezria have had plenty of amazing kisses, but nothing quite tops this one in the parking lot. With Ezra leaving for his new job at Hollis, we weren’t sure what the future would hold for the couple, which made this scene — starting with Aria running in slo-mo down the hall (gotta love slo-mo running scenes!), followed by their passionate embrace — all the more dramatic and emotional. Who knew that a parking lot could be so sexy? (Then again, maybe you typically find gasoline fumes and car alarms to be major turn-ons. We’re not here to judge.)

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