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American Idol

American Idol 2012 Recap of the Top 9 Results on March 29: It’s the End of the Road for Heejun Han

Last night, the Idols sang the songs of their own idols, and unsurprisingly, everyone was pretty good. But someone has to go home tonight anyway, so let’s find out who it’s going to be? It’ll take an hour to get there, but we’re ready!

First things first: Aerosmith reunion tour! Excellent. Go see Steven Tyler and the boys rock out! We certainly will be.

Top 9 on the couches! They all look exceptionally anxious tonight. Ryan Seacrest reads off some tweets by the original artists of the songs the contestants sang last night. Lifehouse liked Colton Dixon, Mariah liked Joshua Ledet, Carrie liked Hollie Cavanagh, etc. But Eric Benet must have REALLY liked DeAndre Brackensick, because he comes strolling out on stage to tell him how great he was. DeAndre gasps and flails and looks like he’s going to cry, and it’s pretty darn adorable.

The Ford commercial this week is to “I Wanna Rock.” We wanna rock, too! But not to this commercial because it’s kind of dumb.

The Idols are moving out of their hotel and into the Idol mansion, soundtracked by Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,” which is an odd choice, but whatever. Oh, now it’s switched to something more lively. The Idols run around the mansion and are impressed by their swanky digs, and #idolmansion is up on the bottom of the screen, in case anyone wanted to Tweet about it.

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Results! Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips, and Hollie are first up. Out of these three, if someone’s in the Bottom 3 it’s gotta be Hollie, right? Jimmy Iovine says: Elise was a dark horse but now she’s coming on strong (he also drops the information that next week is ‘80s week, YAY!), Phillip was flawless, and Hollie comes up short when compared to Jessica Sanchez. (The Twitter hashtag is #telljimmy if you’d like to argue.) First to get results is Hollie, who’s in the Bottom 3. Phillip is safe... and so is Elise! This is all good news. Well, not for Hollie, but it is for us!

Nicki Minaj and her boobs (yeah, they rate their own mention, they’re all over the place!) are here to sing “Starships.” It’s sort of weird because the song is called “Starships” but all of her dancers are dressed like they’re going to the beach, and there are beach scenes on the background behind her. Whatever! The song is crazy catchy.

More results! Colton, Joshua, and Heejun Han. Prediction: Ryan will mess with Colton’s head, and Heejun will be in the Bottom 3. Jimmy says: Colton was good but not good enough, Joshua’s performance suffered when he got emotional, and Heejun doesn’t sing as well as the other eight contestants. Awkward! Colton’s safe, and in a shocking turn of events, Ryan doesn’t mess with his head. He messes with Joshua’s instead, saying “one of you is in the Bottom 3 tonight, and Joshua it is you........who is safe!” Which means Heejun is in the Bottom 3 along with Hollie.

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    

Scotty McCreery! His song “Water Tower Town” is really upbeat and fun, and Scotty’s performance skills have definitely improved since last season. His performance isn’t nearly as sparkly or cleavage-y as Nicki Minaj’s was, but it’s still a good time. Afterwards, Jimmy comes out to present Scotty with his platinum record plaque. Aw! Scotty’s excited and it’s adorable.

Our last group to get results is Skylar Laine, DeAndre, and Jessica. DeAndre in the Bottom 3 is our guess. Jimmy says: Skylar was middle of the pack this week, DeAndre needs more experience, and Jessica is awesome and perfect. Jessica’s safe. The person in the Bottom 3 is... Skylar! Huh. Didn’t see that one coming. Skylar looks like she wants to die.

Back from commercial, and the first person going back to safety is... Skylar. No way the judges are saving either Hollie or Heejun, right? Doubt it. And the person with the lowest votes is Heejun! That’s probably fair. He’s reprising “A Song For You” from last night. He sounds really good, but is it worth using the save on him? He’s not going to win. Jennifer Lopez is crying. They’re not going to save him. He knows it, too, and finishes his song with a “...and I’m singing this song to everyone here, thank you very much!” And yep — Steven delivers the bad news that Heejun’s headed home.

And then there were eight! What do you think — did America make the right choice? Did the judges?

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