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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 18’s Ashley on Taking Laura Under Her Wing, and Tyra’s Advice – Exclusive

It was hard not to fall in love with Scot Ashley Brown from America's Next Top Model Cycle 18. Her accent was irresistible, her love for her “wee Scottish babes” was palpable, and we thought her positive attitude was impressive considering all the drama going on this season.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Ashley told us who she’s rooting for, what her kids thought when she came home, and the best advice Tyra Banks gave her.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Some people said it was hard to understand you. Did you have trouble understanding the Americans?
Ashley Brown: Not at all. I’ve got a step-dad that’s American so I can understand American accents fine. See, it wasn’t actually that many words I said, I think it was because I talk quite fast, and I say “gay-el” instead of “girl” and whenever I said “girl” they thought I was saying “ghetto,” and they’re going “you’re a little ghetto?” and I said, no!

How did you feel when you were eliminated?
I just wanted to see my kids. As soon as I got eliminated I was just thinking, I just want to see [my son] and Alicia. I just wanted to do mom stuff with them. Buy them stuff, get them dinner and do the stupid things that moms do, like I just like to do all that stuff.

What did your kids say when you got home?
Little Alicia, when I told her, she was like, “Oh Mummy does that mean you’re not winning?” And I was like, “No [laughs], but I still got on America’s [Next Top Model]!” No I had to break it to her that I hadn’t actually won, so that was kind of rubbish. She got over it in a second. She was totally fine after I gave her a present.

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Who are you rooting for?
I’m rooting for the British obviously. And then I love Laura, and I love AzMarie, so I’m kind of rooting for a lot of people. There’s not anybody that I could say, Oh I don’t want them to win, because I don’t think that’s very fair to say. I got along with everybody. I love Annaliese because she’s my friend back home anyways. And I absolutely love Sophie as well, so Team Brit. And Laura, I love Laura. I just think she’s a genuine person, I just think she’s a nice person, I really got along with her in the house.

Did you notice any differences between British and American girls?
No I didn’t actually, I think you got along with who you got along with. Lucky for me, I kind of didn’t have any major fallouts or anything with everybody. I kind of liked everybody. So I don’t think there were any differences at all. We took Laura under our wing and she was like one of the Team Brits, we called her a Brit. We would have loved her to be a Brit. She was cool. Her shoots were so good.

Do you think someone else should have gone home instead of you?
No, not at all. I think I deserved to go, I’d actually feel terrible if I actually even thought that someone had a worse picture than me. Because to be fair, my picture was pretty bad.

I was really just amazed that I was getting to meet Tyra Banks and getting to see Miss J. Alexander and Mr. Jay Manuel and people I’ve watched for years. I couldn’t even imagine. But the best part to me was getting to stand in front of the judges’ panel. I know it’s scary but that was pretty cool to me. When you see it on the telly and you’ve watched it for so long and then you’re actually standing there while Tyra is standing with your picture and handing it to you, that’s pretty amazing, that’s pretty cool.

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Did you think Kelly Cutrone was a good judge?
Well I know her. She’s huge to me. I watched her on The City and everything. I think she was honest. I think she did brilliant for her first time, I couldn’t fault her at all. Genuinely, I loved Kelly Cutrone from before I was on the show. I just liked her because I like straightforward people and she’s straightforward but in a good way. Like I didn’t see anything wrong with her at all. And I thought she did a really good job.

Why did you say AzMarie is special?
I just think she’s amazing at what she does. If you see her at a photoshoot, she already knows. She’s just amazing. And her walk is unbelievable. Her walk is the bomb in a good way. I just think she’s brilliant.

What is Tyra like in person?
I found her lovely. Whenever we saw her she was really, really nice. She was good with her feedback and she helped I think. She would tell you really good advice. And she was absolutely gorgeous, she looks like one of these mannequins. She’s that beautiful, like everything’s perfect.

What’s the best advice she gave you?
To do TV presenting. Because you know what? I’ve never thought about doing TV presenting, but I think that would be pretty cool. It would be amazing to do TV presenting. When she said that to me I was like, wow, I could be a TV presenter!

Catch the next episode of ANTM Cycle 18 on Wednesday, April 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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