CSI: NY Scoop: Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill on Playing Murder Suspects – Exclusive
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CSI: NY Scoop: Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill on Playing Murder Suspects – Exclusive

This Friday CSI: NY meets Greek when the former ABC Family show’s cast members Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill join the CBS procedural as two young and gorgeous lab techs who come under suspicion for the murder of their co-worker.

When a lab tech is found murdered in a manner that closely resembles a cold case from the 1950s, Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) has the uncomfortable task of shining a light on his own staff. What we find is that the two former Greek stars have been analyzing evidence right under his nose — and maybe engaged in more nefarious activities on the side.

Aaron’s character immediately becomes a suspect in the crime, due to his fascination with the infamous “Lana Gregory Murder” that the copycat has tried to mimic.

“My character did his thesis on this old crime and that happens to be the case duplicated years later,” reveals Aaron, whose character also harbors a crush on the victim.

But of course both characters will end up on the opposite side of Mac and Detective Jo Danville’s (Sela Ward) interrogation table.

For Spencer and Hill, best known for portraying comedic roles, their stint on CSI: NY provided each of them with a new calling card.

“It’s very different than what I've done before and I love being challenged,” Spencer tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “I think when you do a show that's a comedy, you get pinpointed as just being a sorority girl with blond hair. So it's interesting to go back into the world and try to convince people that I can also do other things. I'm having a fun time pushing the envelope.”

“This was fun,” adds Aaron. “Guest starring on these shows gives me the opportunity to do something that’s creatively freeing, and to play characters I don’t get to play on a regular basis.”

Aaron tells Wetpaint Entertainment that the casting of the former costars was purely a coincidence.

“It was cool how Spencer and I ended up on the same episode,” he says. “I came to do a wardrobe fitting and I saw her name on the list. So I called her up and said, ‘Hey we’re on the same episode!’”

For the two, reuniting meant more than reminiscing about their four years at the fictitious CRU.

“She’s gotten married, she has a kid — I got to meet her husband and son,” says Aaron. “She’s doing mommy things!”

Indeed, when the late-night production schedule kicked in, Spencer was feeling the strains of being the parent of a four-month-old.

“We did two days of night shoots. It’s really, really wonderful to work on, but I was going on two, maybe three hours of sleep at a time,” she laughs. “My call time was at 6 p.m. I’m home at 6 a.m. and then I have a baby at home. I was like, this is crazy! No one can do this. But I slept all day. I have a really wonderful husband!”

The “Flash Pop” episode of CSI: NY airs Friday, March 30 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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