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Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Serena’s “Huge Turning Point”

When last we saw our dear Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), she was about to be on the receiving end of one very interesting package – the laptop belonging to Georgina during her recent reign as Gossip Girl! We were left to wonder if GG’s most bitter of adversaries would take the bait in her battle against the online enemy, or avoid it altogether.

New hints from executive producer Josh Safran indicate that the choice might not be so easy… “It’s like the Ring and Frodo. That’s how we looked at that story.”

(Umm, nobody tell Serena vdW that she was just likened to a hobbit, mmkay?)

Josh tells TVLine, “Serena has been feeling a little powerless this season, whether it’s losing Dan to Blair or losing her job that she cared about with David O. Russell, and then the Spectator. She’s going to [try to] gain her power back and be the Serena van der Woodsen she once was. Whether that means transitioning out of being an ‘It Girl’ and being a creator of ‘It Girls,’ or whether that means stealing her spotlight back, you’ll have to watch and see.”

Hmm! We already know that S is set to try to work magic on her maybe-sis Lola in the coming weeks… Might she be prepping for her successor? Or – gulp – setting her up as a rival? WHAT?! Oh, vague teases…

At any rate, those of you who have been bemoaning the lack of S action in Season 5 should prep for some (finally!), because the finale is all about the luminous Serena. Josh says that while the finale involves those never-ending love trappings of Blair (& co.), it revolves around Serena! “It’s a very huge turning point for Serena – probably the biggest one she’s had since Season 1,” he said.

Dun dun dunnnn!

And what about all of that drama between Ivy and the vdWs? Safran said only that Ivy will continue her run as Most Reviled on the UES: “At this point, she feels like she has nothing left to prove because [the vdWs are not] going to accept her anyway, so she she’s just going to look out for herself.”

Source: TVLine

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03.30.2012 / 02:37 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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