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Pretty Little Liars

Photo Booth Kiss! Top 5 Most Romantic Emaya Moments Ever on Pretty Little Liars

If you’re like us, you still well up with tears at the mere thought of Emily seeing Maya’s body get wheeled away on the Season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars. Talk about painful! After all the amazing moments these two have shared, we still can’t deal with the fact that there won’t be any future moments. How can the show do that to us?!

In an effort to focus on the happy Emaya moments, we’ve compiled a list of their top 5 greatest moments, from their first kiss to their first zombie-movie make-out session. (And what couple could forget their first zombie-movie make-out session?) And while you’re at it, don’t forget to also check out our list of Ezria’s 5 most romantic moments. Love is in the air!

5. Reunited and it feels so good (Season 2, Episode 11: “I Must Confess”)
Maya reaching across the table to hold Emily’s hand was all the reassurance we needed that there was still a spark between these two. Maya also displayed her sassy sense of humor in this episode, as she picks up the flowers on the table, pretending that Emily’s mom has placed a recording device in them. And it was great hearing that Em can be candid about her feelings. If only this reunion could have happened a whole lot sooner!

4. Their first date: Love and zombies (Season 1, Episode 8: “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”)
It took Emily and Maya quite a while to finally go on their first official date, but that build-up made this movie night even better, especially since they didn’t go to some lame rom-com but instead chose a zombie flick. Rawr! Then again, it didn’t seem like they saw much of the movie, if you know what we mean. (And if you don’t know what we mean, then you should probably ask an adult.) And speaking of zombies, we just hope Maya doesn’t end up escaping from her coffin to go searching for brains. (Too soon?)

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3. Emily and Maya say goodbye with a slow-dance by candlelight (Season 1, Episode 13: “Know Your Frenemies”)
It couldn’t have been a good feeling for Emily to know that her mom got Maya shipped off to juvie camp, but at least Emily and Maya found a way to enjoy their last night together. And it was great that Emily’s fellow Liars helped organize the evening in order to surprise Em. The Liars certainly provided a romantic setting, considering that they purchased enough candles to keep Bed Bath and Beyond in business for years to come.

2. Water has never been so sexy (Season 2, Episode 18: “A Kiss Before Lying”)
When we picture what it would be like to live under the sea, we typically think of jolly, singing sea creatures, a la The Little Mermaid. But it turns out that Maya’s idea of being under the sea is a whole lot sexier, as she gives her room an aquatic theme right before she and Emily go all the way. Sure, Maya was a tad rude to Em’s mom during the dinner scene earlier in the episode, but Maya more than makes up for it here. Heck, we’re starting to perspire just thinking about this smokin’ hot scene! (Anybody got a towel to dab our foreheads?)

1. The scene that forever changed the way we think about photo booths! (Season 1, Episode 3: “To Kill a Mocking Girl”)
And here it is — our favorite moment between these two, and the kiss that started it all! A photo booth session has never been sexier than this one, with Maya and Em sharing their first kiss at Noel’s party (even though they didn’t get to look at the photos — thanks a lot, “A”!). Okay, so we’re still not sure how realistic it is that someone would rent a photo booth just for a high school party, but we suppose that the appeal of PLL has never been its realism.

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