Secret Circle Spoilers: Will Charles Pay For Killing Nick?
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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoilers: Will Charles Pay For Killing Nick?

Quick, everyone grab a crystal — our favorite manwitch is back and ready to attack in Season 1, Episode 18 of The Secret Circle! Charles Meade (Gale Harold) has been lurking in the shadows lately, but now that Blackwell is in Chance Harbor, he's out for vengeance.

“You’re just on the verge of seeing some interesting things,” Gale tells Chevron One. “I can’t spoil too much. Blackwell is definitely using some form of blackmail. He understands and knows things. There are also things we just have to assume he knows. Charles and Dawn [Natasha Henstridge] have history wrapped up with him. They’re just not sure how much others know what they know about him. You’re almost getting into an espionage kind of a thing à la who knows what?"

Last week, we saw Charles bring back Jane's (Ashley Crow) memory, and this week they'll team up to take Blackwell down. “This whole thing of Charles saying 'I’m going to heal you. I going to do this so you’re going to help me defeat Blackwell' … it all seems like it could happen but I’m not confident that’s what we all going to find out is actually true," Gale says. "It’s somewhere in between what is she doing, how strong am I in making her do what I want her to do, and how much control does Blackwell have over the situation already. He’s a guy with a preexisting involvement in multiple aspects of the story."

Of course, Blackwell doesn't know Charles's biggest secret — that he killed Nick (Louis Hunter). But will he find out this week? Rumor has it that Nick rises from the dead during tonight's episode, which we're sure will bring out Charles's emo side. “I can tell you it definitely be a very problematic thing for Charles to have to sort through if he finds himself interacting with the kid that he drowned," Gale says. "That to me would be very, very interesting. I don’t know if that’s going to happen but it would be great retribution. A great payback!”

If nothing else, Charles and Nick can talk about their mutual love for floppy hair. Check out the rest of Gale's interview at Chevron One for more gossip and some insightful musings about millinery!

Source: Chevron One

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