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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Songs: Music From Season 3, Episode 18, “The Murder of One”

Murder plots and torture chambers need music, too. Good thing The Vampire Diaries music mastermind, Chris Mollere, is on the job. No matter who found themselves on the wrong end of a pointy object, the tunes were fantastic. Re-listen below!

Source: Chris Mollere's Twitter

Artist: Sleigh Bells

Song: “Demon”

Music moment: Stefan and Damon make wood


You drink the wise blood, You're gonna hear about it, You'll be taken down brick by brick by brick, Burn the orphanage, You're gonna pay for it, They will purify block by block by block, Demons, Come on, You've got a vision, You're on a mission, Demons, Live on, And when I die, hang me high, They're gonna bury you, They're gonna finish, They're gonna stand em up six by six by six, You pull the hood back, I wanna know, Which way will the heavenly go, Taken down, taken down, taken down

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Demons by Sleigh Bells on Grooveshark

Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Song: "Shame and Fortune"

Music moment: Rebekah takes her frustrations out on Damon in an impromptu torture chamber, Klaus critiques


Shame is soft and safe, lose when I play your game, come if you call my name, lose when I play your game, you got an attitude, you, you’ve got a way, all fortune on the floor, shame is soft and safe, lose when I play your game

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Artist: Alabama Shakes

Song: "On Your Way"

Music moment: Finn and Sage have some drinks


On your way to God, did you think of me, on you way to heaven, did you say I’ll see you again, it wasn’t me, why wasn’t it was me? On your way to the promised land, did you say, oh she was such a friend, they they took you higher and higher and I don’t know if I can follow, it wasn’t me

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On Your Way by Alabama Shakes on Grooveshark

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