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David Boreanaz: Booth Is More “Vulnerable” After Birth of His Baby Daughter

Becoming a father can literally turn your world upside down, so Booth (David Boreanaz) had better watch out!

Granted, Booth already has a son — but that’s a detail which has been pretty easy to forget, considering that Parker (Ty Pantiz) won’t be returning to Bones until later this season . Nonetheless, David Boreanaz still had plenty of details to dish out about how new baby daughter Christine is about to set Booth’s life a-spinning.

“Now that his relationship with Bones is quite different now,” Boreanaz tells OTRC, “it’s going to be interesting to see how he handles that — knowing that he’s being shot at, he’s got to catch a killer, he’s got to interrogate somebody and knowing that he’s got to get home and, you know, protect his child.”

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Well, again, we’d like to think that Booth already feels that same sort of stress for Parker... But maybe it doesn’t count so much because Parker’s older? Or, because Booth already knows the sort of mother Rebecca is? Jeez, with all this favoritism in the air, maybe Parker will have a good reason to act up!

As far as emotional changes, while we know that the pregnancy is making Brennan (Emily Deschanel) “softer,” Boreanaz wasn’t ready to commit to a mirror-characterization for Booth. “The vulnerable side of Booth comes out really when it has anything to do with U.S. Soldiers … and obviously his connection with Brennan … It all depends on the scene and the situation.”

Hmmm. So the new daughter and U.S. soldiers get Booth’s emotional juices pumping... But Parker, not so much. Sorry, kid! We feel for ya!

Source: OTRC

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03.31.2012 / 01:26 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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