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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers: Does Nate Make a Power Play?

Like your Gossip Girl with a bit more Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford)? Get ready to get excited!

Entertainment Weekly reports Nate’s burgeoning relaysh with Lola – she of the confusing vdW lineage – will be put to the test by the return of guest-star Elizabeth Hurley’s Diana Payne. Though Diana is set to play a major role in the reveal of the Bass family secrets, she’s also set to return to the Spectator. And we ALL know what happened last time these two were working side-by-side…

We’ve already speculated that Ella Rae Peck, who plays Lola, might be on her way outta the UES (she just landed a pilot for NBC), so, will Diana be driving a wedge between Nate and his current lady-love? Or, will the wedge be the result of all that other drama that surrounds the still-fresh duo?

And that’s not all...

It wouldn’t be a season of Gossip Girl without an epic take-down, and the final act of Season 5 is said to feature a major one — and Nate will play a leading role. Executive producer Joshua Safran tells Entertainment Weekly: “Every season we have our core group come together to vanquish an enemy. This season – just upping it a little bit – our core group comes together for more than one episode to vanquish an enemy. Maybe even more than one! And that story involves Nate in a major way.” So, basically, a civil war is brewing in the UES!

Multiple take-downs? Might Ivy and Diana – both, cough, exes of one Mr. Nate Archibald – soon find themselves on the receiving end of the collective GG-clan’s boot? It certainly wouldn’t be without cause…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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03.31.2012 / 01:09 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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