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The Secret Circle

The 5 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 “Sacrifice”

The Secret Circe Season 1, Episode 18, “Sacrifice” was an non-stop rollercoaster of twitching demon worms, sand drawings, ventriloquism, and bro-time. We’ve rounded up the top five OMG moments for you to look back on. Enjoy!

1. Adam Unleashes His Inner Feminist
In arguably our favorite Secret Circle moment of all time, Adam (Thomas Dekker) spent his evening flirting with the most popular boy at school after popping into Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa's (Jessica Parker Kennedy) brains, which seems to have made him all jazzed up about women's rights. The way he chewed Kyle out for flirting with other ladies despite having a girlfriend was truly inspirational — we're surprised he didn't yell "girl power" and run off to weep into a closet full of cookies. After punching Kyle in the face, Adam proceeded to have a full-blown breakdown about the tragic nature of love in his dad's basement, which is pretty much what we do on a daily basis. Welcome to the other side, Adam. Someone invite this boy to a slumber party.

2. Blackwell Digs Up a Skeleton, As Ya Do
We're so confused — is John Blackwell good, evil, or completely misunderstood? He spent most of this episode helping out the Circle while wearing a jaunty sports coat and even jauntier scarf and then delivered the most rousing speech we're heard since Bill Pullman circa Independence Day. Crystals will save us all! But then Blackwell tucked Cassie (Britt Robertson) into bed and wandered off to a local graveyard for some late-night grave digging… Should we give daddy dearest the benefit of the doubt and assume he just wants to make friends with a skeleton, or should we assume the worst: that he's resurrecting inch worms?

3. Grant Is a Liar, Remains Super Hot and Australian
Sigh, Diana (Shelley Hennig). This gal just can't catch a break, can she? You'd think after going through the most emotional breakup this side of Dawson's Creek, the stars would throw her a bone, but instead she got stuck with Grant — a serial liar. Turns out this adorable Aussie isn't a rich kid with a private yacht; he's a mere boat hand (aka, seaman) who thought it would be amusing to spread a web of lies all over Diana’s perfect face. Sob! To make matters worse, poor girl is so desperate for someone to squirt whipped cream on that she's giving him another chance. We have a bad feeling about this... you never know when your crush might turn out to be a possessed insect.

4. Eben Gets Infested by Worms
There was so much going on during last night's episode of The Secret Circle that we hardly knew where to look! (Actually, that's not true. We always look at Jake's plunging V-neck.) When the gang arrived at the graveyard, they had to contend with Samuel's twitching body, Blackwell's hidden magic, and Eben's worm séance — but Samuel took precedence. While Cassie unsuccessfully lit him on fire, Eben was break dancing all over an open grave and no one even noticed! By the time Blackwell had set his hands to "E.T. finger," Eben had about ten worms inhabiting his body, and no one even went after him! Our main concern? That Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter) is now an inchworm living in Eben's body.

5. Crystals Are Cool Again
We've never fully understood how magic works on The Secret Circle. Sure, there are your everyday "lock unlock" spells, and apparently some people (cough, Blackwell, cough) can kill flocks of pigeons without blinking, but where do witches get their power from and why don't they have wands? Well, we're finally getting some answers. According to John Blackwell, witches use crystals instead of wands, and there used to be one crystal overlord that was divided into six mini crystals, each which can help witches enhance their power. More than one pet rock?! Cue jaw-drop.

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