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Y2K: Who Do You Want to Be Trapped in a Bunker With?

With the year 2000 a mere nine months away, it’s time to get down to business before the world blows up: Which Hollywood heartthrob would you like to spend the post-Y2K era with, on the off-chance you end up trapped in an L.A.-area bunker for a few post-apocalyptic months?

Don’t worry: The bunker will be well-stocked with water, canned goods, first-aid supplies, organic Ayurvedic teas, a couple yoga mats, and everything else necessary for underground existence with a celeb. All you need to do is worry about your fellow survivor.

Choose wisely — this is a life or death decision! It may even be the most exciting decision of your life... ever.

David Boreanaz: You can be the devil to his Angel.

Freddie Prinze Jr.:
He’s all that (and more).

Heath Ledger:
10 Things I Hate About You? More like 10 Things You Love About Heath.

Joshua Jackson:
Pacey 24/7? Yes please!

Matt Damon:
Your time in the bunker could be titled Saving Damon’s... Well, you get the idea.

Brad Pitt:
Jen Aniston’s man is officially the eighth deadly sin.

Leonardo DiCaprio:
The guy is Titanic-ally sexy.

Scott Speedman:
Two words: Ben Covington. As a bonus, you’d make up Felicity’s mind for her. She can’t be choosy now!

Paul Walker:
He won’t give you the Varsity Blues. No way, no how.

Will Smith:
You can bounce with him.

Now that you've traveled back in time to April 1999 with us, it's only fair to tell you that it's actually April 1, 2012. Happy April Fool's Day! For more fun TV nostalgia stuff, click here.

04.1.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Laura Case
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