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Bones Baby Spoiler Roundup: Everything We Know About B&B’s Little Girl So Far!

Few things on television right now get us more excited than the idea of an adorable little baby Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) finally entering into the world.

Bones is set to give birth in tonight's episode, we’ve already been able to hunt down quite a few spoilers and sneak peeks about what’s in store. Take a look at all the info you might have missed.

Wait. She’s going to be born where?!

- Bombshell! Bones Baby Date and Time Revealed!

Find out exactly where Brennan will be when she goes into labor

- Bones Clarification: Is Brennan Really Giving Birth in Prison?

Things may not be as they seem.

- Bones Season 7 Spoilers! New Details on The Birth of Brennan’s Baby
The mystery deepens.

- David Boreanaz Tweets Bones Pic: First Look Inside the Jail Where Brennan Might Give Birth!
Yikes. We hope Brennan makes it out of there in time. Not exactly the best place for a baby to enter the world.

- Bones Season 7 Spoilers! Are Booth and Brennan... Stable?

UPDATE: Is this the real location where Brennan is set to give birth? What do you think: Yay or neigh?

- Bones Spoilers: New Birth Details! Which Unexpected Character Will Deliver the Baby?

Is there anything is character CAN'T do? We think not!

Details straight from the set

First photo! (Sort of...)

- First Look at Brennan’s (Fake) Daughter! David Boreanaz Tweets Photo of Robot Baby

Hmm. Is it weird that we thought she’d be, you know … cuter?

What will her name be?

Just for fun

- Childhood Sweethearts! Should Baby Bones and Michael Hodgins Eventually Fall in Love? [POLL]

Is it too early to be thinking about this? Probably. Just a little.

- Which Bones Character Would Be the Perfect Nanny for Booth and Brennan’s Baby? [POLL]

So many amazing choices! Who do you think the nanny will be?

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