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Pretty Little Liars

Did Lucy Hale and Boyfriend Chris Zylka Get Tattoos Together: Prank or Real?

First they're spotted making out in public and now they're getting tattoos together? This relationship is moving fast, people. Wait just a minute here...

Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale (Aria) tweeted this photo (below) of a text conversation with her mom, where she warned her that she and boyfriend Chris Zylka (Jake Armstrong) of The Secret Circle got tattoos together. C'mon, Lucy, we're smarter than that.

While the PLL star didn't trick us for one minute (OK, maybe just a few seconds), it looks like Mama Hale fell for the prank. Lucy wrote, "Hahaha I got my momma SO good today for April fools...And yes she bought it. She called and said she looked everywhere online for pictures hahahah"

Cute prank, Luce! Now when will you two actually get tattoos together? Considering both Lucy and Chris are both inked up already, we give their next tat a month or two.

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Source: Twitter

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Credit: Photo via Lucy Hale's Twitter