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Is Richard Castle Reverting to His Old Ways on Castle?

In a sneak peek for Castle Season 4, Episode 20: “The Limey,” Lanie tells her bestie Beckett that Castle has been waiting for her all along, and she better tell him how she feels before that ship sails.

But the promo for “The Limey” — which shows Castle shooting Beckett a sly smirk, and later pulling up to a crime scene in a hot ride with an ever hotter blonde passenger — it seems the well-intentioned med examiner may have spoken too soon.

It’s hardly a shock that gallivanting around town with another woman is the way Castle’s deciding to deal with his hurt. Finding out the woman you love knows you love her and never said it back? Yeah. Not so fun. But it does make us wonder if the way he acts on Monday’s ep means the scorned crime writer is reverting to his old (read: womanizing, playboy) ways.

We sure hope that’s not the case, but we all know rejection can make people do crazy things, and there’s comfort in the familiar. Or, in Castle’s case, the arms of someone unfamiliar. Whatever.

What are you thinkin’ Castle fans? Is “The Limey” the beginning of the end of Castle-the-Hopeless-Romantic and the re-emergence of Castle-the-Casanova?

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04.2.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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