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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 6: Lamar Odom Gets Traded!

On Khloe & Lamar Season 2, Episode 6, Lamar’s anxieties about whether he’ll return to the basketball court are over, but anxieties about playing the game on a new team in a new city have just begun!

At the end of last episode, the NBA finally came to an agreement and ended the lockout. But now the stress of negotiation has set in, and Lamar’s name has been brought up in trade talk, meaning he might be forced to leave L.A.

While Malika and Khloe are drinking wine and playing their own game of ball (well, pool with balls), Lamar tells Khloe the bad news, and informs her that any player can be traded at the drop of a hat. “Isn’t that like embarrassing though?” Khloe asks. Way to be sensitive, girlfriend. Blame it on the al-al-alcohol!

Lamar also tells Khloe if he’s traded, he has to leave right away. And that’s when it hits her: She admittedly never thought about the logistics of a trade and what it would mean for their lives. To make matters worse, Khloe has a gig in NYC the following day. What if she’s in the Big Apple when Lamar gets booted out of Los Angeles?

Of course, that’s exactly what happens: During Khloe’s cross-country flight, the announcement comes that Lamar’s not going to be a Laker anymore. First, he’s supposed to go to New Orleans.

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Over some sad music and a depressing photo montage, Lamar laments his 7-year stint in Los Angeles. Dare we say we kind of started to tear up?

And then — just like that — the trade is cancelled, but it’s just the beginning of the drama. “Of course I don’t want to be on a team that doesn’t want me,” Lamar says. Who can blame the guy?

Being shafted by his home team definitely hits Lamar hard. Back in L.A., Lamar’s BFF Jamie drops by at the crack of dawn to check on his downtrodden dude. Sadly, we can see Lamar on security cameras, burying his head in the couch and ignoring his bestie. What’s a man to do?

Lamar’s agent advises him to go to the team’s general manager and tell him he doesn’t want to play for them anymore, and he has to be traded somewhere else. Talk about stressful!
(Luckily, Rob informs us that Lamar has a very special way he deals with stress: “He likes to drive around in his car by himself and sing R&B songs.” That’s a man after our own hearts right there.)

But after a few days of going “lo pro,” Lamar decides to pull on his big boy pants and face his problems dead-on.

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Although we don’t see the actual negotiation go down, something does get worked out. As for what that something is, Khloe finds out via phone call when Lamar tells (well, actually sings to) her that he’s been traded again, this time to Dallas, Texas. Yee-haw!

Naturally, he says they have to head to the Lone Star state in the morning. And by them, he means him. Khloe’s going to stay behind and pack. Oh, the life of an NBA wife!

Although her friends (okay, Malika) are falling apart around her at the sad news, we’re proud of Khloe for keeping it together. As for next week? Well, let’s just say nobody can bottle things up forever. Here we go!

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