Who Was Fired from Celebrity Apprentice on April 1st, 2012?  Shocking Double Elimination!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who Was Fired from Celebrity Apprentice on April 1st, 2012? Shocking Double Elimination!

In a super-sized episode of Celebrity Catfight, ahem, we mean, Celebrity Apprentice, we were given more than enough drama to deal with on a Sunday night.

In this double dose of the Donald, we got twice as many challenges, twice as many boardroom showdowns, and twice as many fireworks.

In the first task of the evening, the remaining eleven were told to write and design a celebrity New York guidebook, using the new Toshiba tablets, with the proceeds of their sales all going to charity.

Though the project managers were Teresa Giudice for Team Forte and Dee Snider for Team Unanimous, both took a backseat to teammates Lisa Lampanelli and Penn Jillette respectively. With both teams dusting off their address books, and awkwardly calling on their Z list friends to shell out cash, we weren’t sure who were the charity cases: the celebrities or the foundations they’re playing for.

At the challenge, the guys seemed to be getting all the big bucks, despite the failed Blue Man Group stunt, while the girls were a little slower, leaving us to question whether Teresa should be in charge of this money challenge, since we’re pretty sure she’s got her own problems in that arena.

In the boardroom, the girls were once again were at each others’ throats, with Lisa claiming her team’s failures were no laughing matter, and Teresa calling out Debbie Gibson’s low cut casual attire.

When the dudes ended up winning by a measly $14, the girls let loose, and in the end, Debbie got the boot, even though Aubrey O’Day raised the least money.

And just when we thought the yelling was over for this week, The Donald kept the drama train rolling, giving us another task and another chance for the celebs to complain.

This time, the teams had to create a live interactive health segment, highlighting the new ‘Walk with Walgreens’ campaign, but not before Trump pulled a game changer and switched up the teams!

This may have been a blessing in disguise for the girls, who had lost the last 5 challenges in a row, so new guys Lou Ferrigno, Penn, and Dee were welcomed with semi open arms, while the addition of fiery haired troublemaker Aubrey to Team Unanimous was just asking for trouble.

Team Forte went with a “Walk and Do it All” slogan, while Team Unanimous decided to create a “Face Reality” game show helmed by project manager and host extraordinaire Arsenio Hall.

Aubrey was less than impressed with Arsenio’s resume, choosing to throw out some backhanded insults, and take over more than a few of the details, both with the team and in front of the executives.

In the boardroom, Arsenio seemed to have finally had enough of Aubrey’s aggressive antics, blowing up at the Danity Kane diva, and even getting the Donald to join in on the bashing.

Even though they won the challenge, it seems like Unanimous lost Aubrey, who pulled a disappearing act and ducked into the dreaded exit elevator, claiming she didn’t want to deal with her team’s negative energy.

Inside the actual boardroom, project manager Lou redirected the firing squad at Dee Snider, who was sent home. But his dismissal was overshadowed by Arsenio’s cray cray meltdown, giving all the celebs a chance to see a different side of the usually level headed Hall.

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