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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Will Grace and Adrian Survive a Summer Without Boys on Secret Life?

It's time to face the truth: The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Adrian and Grace are addicts — and we're not just talking about their need for sausage.

These ladies are addicted to love, and have taken being "boy crazy" to certifiable territory. Luckily, Grace and Adrian know they have a problem, and have vowed to swear off men all summer. Hah! As if.

Gradrian have the right idea, but let's not forget who we're talking about here. Adrian's slept with almost every boy in school, and Grace has been "in love" more times than Ben's been drunk with his teddy bear.

Now that these gals are living together without parental supervision, they'll be more tempted than ever to preggo their eggos!

Will Adrian and Grace last the summer without playing tonsil hockey, or will they break down and feast on a delicious meal of beefcake?

04.2.2012 / 08:33 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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