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3 Reasons Victoria and Conrad Grayson Should Get Back Together on Revenge

Revenge's Victoria and Conrad Grayson hate each other with the passion of a thousand lobsters, but before they murdered a plane full of innocents and destroyed a man's life –– these two were happily married. Sigh, the good ol' days! Check out three reasons why Victoria and Connie should forget their past and move on to a bright future as hubby and wife!

1. To Show a United Front During Daniel's Murder Trial

Our imaginary boyfriend, Daniel Grayson, is currently sitting in a prison cell, writing poetry (we assume) and looking unnaturally hunky.

We blame his parents. If Conrad and Victoria got over their sinister past and rekindled their spark, they'd have more success springing Danny Boy from the clink.

After all, they're currently spending a mere 80 percent of their energy freeing Daniel and 100 percent destroying each other. The math just doesn't add up!

2. To Join Forces Against Amanda Clarke

Victoria and Conrad are both expert schemers, but unfortunately they're targeting each other instead of the real enemy: Amanda Clarke.

Surely, Conrad and his ice queen have realized that someone is out to hurt their family, and Amanda seems like the obvious culprit.

If Conrad and Victoria teamed up, they'd be a force for Emily to reckon with! Also, they might actually touch each other again, which leads us to....

3. To Birth More Good-Looking Progeny

We know Victoria and Connie are middle-agers, but if Nancy Grace can pop out twins (and her nipple) at 47, we're pretty sure these two can sperminate themselves a few more babies.

Daniel is living, breathing proof of just how vital it is for this power couple to keep procreating. The world needs more mini-Graysons playing shirtless volleyball on the beach and possibly murdering mentally unstable Klonopin-addicts.

Plus, every show is better with an unexpected pregnancy!

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04.3.2012 / 01:14 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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