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Bachelor Nation Trend: Gluten-Free Eating! Kacie Boguskie and Erica Rose Join Tenley In Avoiding Gluten

More products labeled “gluten-free” are finding their way onto shelves at supermarkets across the country — and Bachelor Nation is taking notice.

Gluten — which is found in wheat, barley and rye — causes inflammation in the small intestines of people with celiac disease, but going gluten-free has also become something of a trend for people without an allergy or even physical intolerance.

Bachelor 14 and Bachelor Pad 1 cutie Tenley Molzahn is a huge proponent of gluten-free products, which helped her own health issues disappear. Back in March 2011, Tenley took to the 2011 Natural Products Expo West where she greeted fans, signed autographs, and shared her tips on maintaining a healthy life. Now, Tenley often tweets gluten-free recipes and you can read about her personal experience and why she went gluten-free.

This week, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert expressed interest in the gluten-free lifestyle and it stated a Bachelor Nation conversation about what it can and can’t do for a person.

Ashley: "@LegallyErica @TenleyMolzahn @kacielynnb I want to know more about why you went Gluten free! Thinking about trying!"

Erica Rose [in reply]: "Ur tiny!"

Ashley: "hahah not to lose weight!! I mean...just to feel better! Energy level etc."

Erica: "I think it helps with both! I just started bc Kacie [Boguskie] said it made her look and feel better :)"

Rachel Truehart: "I thought it only made u feel better if u had an alergy?I might need 2 look into this 2!"

But just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, so it’s probably best to talk to a doctor or nutritionist before going all in. You can learn more about what’s allowed and not allowed in a gluten-free diet here in a report from the Mayo Clinic.

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04.3.2012 / 10:10 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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