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Bones Season 5 Spoilers: New Details on “Emotional” Birth Scene and Brennan’s “Difficult” Struggle

Baby Michael Hodgins and his ZZ Top beanie better move over, because Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) are giving birth to their little bundle of joy in tonight's all-new Bones Season 5, Episode 11, “The Prisoner in the Pipe”!

Creator Hart Hanson came up with quite a few scenarios for Brennan's delivery, but after nixing the idea of her running off to South America, and eye-rolling at the thought of a home birth with the Jeffersonian crew, he settled on an intimate moment where Booth delivers the baby himself.

“It’s an incredibly emotional sequence, and we wanted to keep it that way,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells Entertainment Weekly. “We wanted to give the fans the essence of that moment.”

Brennan's labor pains kick into gear while she and Booth are navigating a prison fight (sigh, these two), which sounds painful in more ways than one. “One of the greatest images I’ve ever seen on Bones is pregnant Brennan walking through a prison riot,” Hanson says.

Of course, what we're really looking forward to is Brennan and Booth's life post-baby. How are they going to hunt down murderers and stare at bones all day if there's a baby whose diapers need changing? You guessed it: Nanny time. “All we can say is that Brennan is as picky and opinionated about childcare as she is about everything else in her life, so finding someone she’s comfortable with to watch her child is very, very difficult,” Nathan says.

Hmmm, we do love the idea that Baby Bones' nanny will be a familiar face! Paging Dr. Sweets (John Francis Daley), perhaps?

Source: EW

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