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Castle Recap of Season 4, Episode 20: “The Limey”

Castle Season 4, Episode 20: “The Limey” begins in a seedy hotel with a lovely woman slain, and a mysterious man snatching her keys.

Cut to Lanie and Beckett in Beckett’s loft, finally having some much-needed girl time. “It’s been weird between us lately,” Miss Beckett tells her friend about Castle. “Lately? Kate, it’s been weird for four years,” Lanie reponds. Finally, somebody on this show is being honest!

Lanie tells Beckett that Castle is probably tired of waiting, and assures her everybody knows the two of them are crazy about each other. Lanie also tells Beckett that Castle has totally given up his womanizing ways. But has she spoken too soon?

Just then, Kate gets a call about the murder, but Lanie and Beckett’s convo follows them to the hotel. Lanie insists Kate has to tell Castle how she feels — and fast. But it seems like it’s already too late: Mere seconds later, Castle rolls up in a hot red car — with an even hotter blonde passenger. Ouch.

Then, in a very nonchalant, yet slightly condescending manner, Castle tells Beckett he jaunted off to Vegas for the weekend and picked up the blonde stewardess on the way back. As for the case, their victim Naomi, is a British model who was strangled to death.

C and B might not exactly be on the best of terms, but they can still work together. Er, sort of. They head to Naomi’s booking agency, where her agent hints she might be taking on escort gigs. When C+B return to the precinct, Castle makes it a point to point out how NOT “in sync” he and Beckett are nowadays. Ya don’t say?

Credit: Karen Neal/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

But there’s good news for Beckett yet: Castle’s bimbo blonde isn’t the only hottie in this ep. Caskett track down a potential suspect, who turns out to be a rather attractive (and unclothed) Scotland Yard detective, Colin Hunt.

While Mr. Hunt puts his clothes on (sadly), he explains that Naomi was his first partner’s daughter and a very dear friend. He turned up at the hotel after she called him saying she was in trouble, but he was too late. He says he found a “message” from her about her killer, though, but asks to be let on the case before he’ll divulge. Guy sure does know how to negotiate! The evidence? A key. Yep, Hunt was the creeper rummaging through the slain model’s things at the beginning of the ep the whole time!

Then, they find out Naomi got into a fight with a rap star “Nicki J.” at a launch party the night of her death. Castle insists Beckett and Colin pursue the lead together, as he slinks off with his blonde for another date. Sure, Castle ditching Beckett sucks, but well, hanging out with Mr. Hunt isn’t exactly a horrible consolation. Or so we’ll tell ourselves.

While questioning Nicki J — who fought Naomi over her man Biggie Slim — Beckett and Colin discover Nicki isn’t the killer. As for Biggie, he says Naomi said someone was following her.

At the morgue, Lanie asks what happened to Castle and Beckett confesses he’s out on a lunch date with the blonde. She feels sorry for her, but insists this is just another reason to step up and speak up, because nobody knows when there time’s going to run out. (And with this piece of advice coming from the medical examiner, we hope Beckett takes it to heart.)

Then, the team discovers Naomi left a picture of the could-be killer in a gym locker, along with a numeric code. Castle returns from lunch as they’re analyzing the pic, and this time it’s Kate who’s acting cold. The man in the pic? He’s British consulate Nigel Wyndham, and they suspect he was having an affair with Naomi before her death.

But to catch him, they need prints. So, Castle cooks up a (ridiculous) plan to grab Nigel’s prints without him knowing. But just then, our gorgeous friend from across the pond walks in in, full suit and tie, and escorts a dolled up Kate Beckett out the door to a consulate function. Apparently they have their own (much easier) plan to nab prints. Too late, man!

Credit: Karen Neal/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

At the consulate ball, Kate and Colin share a sultry dance and a heart-to-heart. Kate moves in on Nigel at the bar and she’s able to nab his card case before the door man catches on and kicks them out. Always thinking, that girl!

But the card case prints don’t match the prints on Naomi’s neck. Say wha? Luckily, Castle’s been doing his own work on the side, and his “dumb” date cracked the code on Naomi’s photo — over “succulent lobster” and an “earthy pinot noir,” no less. It’s a diplomatic pouch code that traveled over on an airline. Beckett gets angry at Castle for showing his date confidential evidence, but we all know this isn’t really about the case.

The 100 lb. pouch was sent a year ago to Uganda, where Naomi’s old boyfriend was killed. Colin fakes being a security guard at the airport, and finds the pouch, which is full of missiles! Seems like Naomi was trying to solve her boyfriend’s murder, and someone caught on.

And with that, the case comes full circle back to Biggie Slim, who was getting missiles from his cousin, who gave them to Wyndham, who was sending them to Uganda. Whew! When Biggie Slim found out Naomi was looking into the case, he followed her back to the hotel and choked her to death. Classy, that guy.

As if our hearts weren’t breaking silently all episode, the last scene is totally killer. After solving the case, Colin asks Kate for a drink, but she takes one look at Castle and politely turns him down. But then, Castle tells her he has another date with Jacinda, the “uncomplicated” stewardess, adding that she’s “what he needs right now.” Um, ouch.

Then, the clearly-scorned Beckett calls Colin and accepts the invitation. Oh, if only one of these two would say what they really feel. It’s hurting our hearts more and more every day!

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