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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Season 4, Episode 20, “The Limey”?

Despite the Castle fandom's success at trending #TellHimYouLoveHim worldwide on Twitter, Detective Kate Beckett did not heed our advice and admit her feelings for Rick. And so the dance continues …

But "The Limey" wasn't all bad news. We learned that Lanie and Esposito are still doing the deed behind our backs, we saw a ridiculously hot Scotland Yard police detective in his skivvies, and we watched a foreign diplomat get arrested for international arms trafficking and abetting the murder of a British citizen.

All in all, "The Limey" was one heck of a fun episode that kept us waltzing around in circles like Nigel Wyndham after a few rounds of scotch.

But, like always, we'll let you be the judge. Was Detective Hunt a suitable temporary Castle replacement, or was the mystery writer's emotional absence just too hard to bear? Tell us your thoughts by rating the episode below!

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04.3.2012 / 09:14 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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