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Castle Spoiler: What “Weirds Beckett Out” in Season 4, Episode 20: “The Limey”?

We didn't think it was possible to weird out tough girl Kate Beckett, who has seen her fair share of gruesome crime scenes throughout the years, but according to Castle creator Andrew Marlowe, something does freak out New York's finest homicide detective … and his name is Rick Castle.

You're probably shaking your head thinking, "Oh, no. What did the ruggedly handsome mystery writer do now?" but it's what Castle isn't doing that Becks finds most alarming.

When Scotland Yard hottie Detective Hunt arrives in the U.S. to investigate the death of his friend's daughter in tonight's all-new episode, "The Limey," he escorts Kate to a fancy black-tie affair — but Castle doesn't lose a wink of sleep over it.

“Whereas normally Castle would be jealous and competitive, [this time] he’s not — and that weirds Beckett out,” Marlowe dished to TV Line.

According to Marlowe, Beckett still isn't aware that Castle heard her secret — that she remembers everything from the day she was shot, including Castle's confession of love — but she begins putting the pieces together that something is off when Rick's demeanor changes.

It may sound like Castle and Beckett are headed for another miscommunication rut, but Marlowe assures us that tonight's episode is a "stepping stone" to that happy ending we're so anxiously awaiting.

Source: TVLine

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