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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Music: Songs Played During Season 5, Episode 18: “Con-Heir”

It's the episode we've all been waiting for! Gossip Girl returned April 2, 2012, with Season 5, Episode 18: "Con-Heir," and while the drama was just as intense as expected, so were the jams. Check out the songs played during this episode's most memorable moments:

Scene: Opening of the episode. Serena is sitting at her computer, Blair shows up at Dan's wearing skimpy lingerie (under a glamorous gold trench, natch).
Song: "Control Yourself"
Artist: Dr. Dog

Don’t think about love
Don’t think about love
Just do it
There’s nothing to it
There’s really nothing to it

Control Yourself by Dr. Dog on Grooveshark

Scene: Chuck takes Jack to the blood drive to trick him into exposing that he can't give blood.
Song: "Moon Comes Up"
Artist: Boy in a Box
And we'll wake right up and watch the sun come out

Scene: Blair and Dan make out in the elevator.
Song: "Angel"
Artist: Mr. Little Jeans
Out on the wire
Two hearts on fire
Take time so get up now
If you like my stereo
You got me hooked on
just you and me for
But when im with you
honey I admit theres nothing I can do

Wanna take you on down tonight (oh, yeah)
So I can feel you heart (tonight)
Don't want to be alone
angel, angel

I really wanna dance tonight (oh yeah)
but bend your lips apart (oh yeah)
climb in the walls tonight
angel, angel.

Angel by Mr. Little Jeans on Grooveshark

Scene: End of the episode! Jack calls Elizabeth Fisher, Nate gets a call about Diana Payne, Blair and Dan make out (again) in a doorway, and Serena gets a message from Gossip Girl.
Song: "Misery"
Artist: Veronica Falls
Misery, taking over me
Misery, my old friend
Come with me, I see misery
Stay with me 'til the end

It's never going to be easy
We're on different sides
Take the path that could reach me
In the dead of the night

Misery by Veronica Falls on Grooveshark

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