Real Housewives’ Gretchen Rossi Responds to Slade’s Ambush by a Bill Collector
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Real Housewives’ Gretchen Rossi Responds to Slade’s Ambush by a Bill Collector

On March 29, Real Housewives of Orange County boyfriend Slade Smiley was verbally assaulted on the red carpet by a bill collector demanding child support. According to a storm of tweets from Gretchen Rossi, the awkward confrontation was brought on by Slade’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Arroyo, the mother of his 11-year-old son Grayson.

Gretchen explained the situation on her Twitter account: “[H]e has been in court for 3 years fighting to get a modification since he lost his job, and finally the court gave him that modification which went retroactive to his payments.” She then said Michelle isn’t happy with the court’s decision. “It’s gross; she’s pissed ‘cause [the] judge finalized the modification,” Gretchen tweeted on March 30. “All Slade wants is to be with his son, and he is working very hard to pay off any outstanding debt.” Slade reportedly owes $100,000 in back child support.

The reality star went on to inform her followers that Slade has a job, does not work for her, and is making child support payments as he can —something even Slade’s slighted ex confirmed after the situation on the red carpet. Slade is paying $775 each month to make it right, Michelle told TMZ. “[S]he can trash him to the public and then put my safety in danger but having men come up to harass us like she did! Not ok!” Gretchen fumed on Twitter.

Despite the fact that Slade is making payments, Gretchen says Michelle still doesn’t allow him to see Grayson, who is fighting cancer. “Slade’s oldest is in college, and we see him all the time! And his youngest lives with [his] mom now ‘cause Slade and her agreed upon that a while back when he got sick. But now she keeps him from him. Not cool!” Gretchen wrote.

Though many of Gretchen’s followers continued to bash Slade on Twitter, others agreed it wasn’t right to keep him from his son.

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