Vinny & Deena Nicole on Filming Jersey Shore: “It’s Nothing but Each Other and Alcohol”
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Jersey Shore

Vinny & Deena Nicole on Filming Jersey Shore: “It’s Nothing but Each Other and Alcohol”

Jersey Shore stars Vinny and Deena Nicole are currently in France as part of MTV’s participation in a local television conference. MTV announced that it will begin production on a French version of Jersey Shore soon, and The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Vinny and Deena about their post-Jersey Shore ambitions, Snooki’s star power, and what it’s really like filming in Seaside.

Regarding Snooki, Vinny says, “When Snooki is on camera, it’s because she has a wild personality. She does certain things that we have to show, like for example, doing cartwheels drunk in a club with your thong hanging out?”

And he doesn’t think her pregnancy is going to weaken viewers’ interest in her at all. “She is always interesting. Snooki is an interesting human no matter what she’s doing. She’ll just make this part of her personality. I think the show is going to work out. We are a family though, so when one of us is going through something serious we’re there for them.”

Deena did add that, “I guess we’ll probably have to keep the house a little cleaner."

When asked if they were really, truly being themselves while filming Season 5, Vinny and Deena both agreed that they’re aware the cameras are there, but all they’re really doing is spending time with friends on vacation. Vinny had this to say:

“The way we film makes it hard to ham it up for the camera. I’d have to do that all the time. I’m not gonna lie, I know there’s a camera on me so I might do something funny for a laugh, but you’d drive yourself nuts trying to be on all the time. It’s about what’s happening in that moment. It’s not what I do 24 hours a day for the rest of the year. If you’re in a house with 8 people for 2 months, no cell phone, nothing but each other and alcohol, what would you do?”

Read the full-length interview here to learn about Vinny’s realistic acting ambitions, Deena’s newfound love for voiceover work, her vision for a new animated character named Merple the purple seahorse, and how they’ve been partying with the French locals.

Need a Jersey Shore fix? Catch the next new episode of The Pauly D Project on Thursday, April 5 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: THR

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