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America's Next Top Model

Who Is Your Favorite Quirky ANTM Model: Allison, Ann or Nicole?

You have to be more than pretty — or even ugly/pretty — to be a good model. And to be a popular America's Next Top Model contestant, it really helps to be quirky, awkward or just plain weird. Three of our favorite ANTM modelstants have been oddballs — Allison Harvard, Nicole Fox and Ann Ward. There's even a Facebook fan page sent up to honor the threesome (with mentions of other quirky models, like perpetually nervous French girl, Marjorie Conrad).

Which weird model is your favorite? Refresh your memory of their quirkiness, then vote in our odd little poll.

Creepy Chan stood out right away on the Cycle 12 premiere, even before her platinum blonde makeover. The scary doll-eyed artist confessed to being fascinated by blood and always wanting to have a nose bleed. “I’m really interested in hemophilia," she added. Allison's "quirky doll" persona earned her the branding word "unique" on Cycle 17's All-Stars season, where she was denied her rightful win — even after her catchy/creepy “Underwater” video won over rapper Game.

The 5'7" redhead won Cycle 13, making her America's First Top Petite Model. During the season, Nicole let us know that she was born with a bloody eyeball and earned herself the nickname Bloody Eyeball. She also talked about having trouble making friends at school. “I have sat, like, in a bathroom stall during lunch so that, like, I can eat my food and nobody, like, will see me being alone.” She says "like" too much, but that just adds to her endearing awkwardness. She's not polished, she's just a real, live "dork" like the rest of us!

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Tall, tiny-waisted Ann towered over the Cycle 15 competition at 6'2." Although shy and quiet, Ann showed a sly sense of humor, saying she'd date a man up to 60 years old but, he has to be a warlock who spits fire and knows how to make sushi. (Line forms to the right, fellas!) The ANTM winner told Wetpaint she "was always kind of like the awkward kid in the class" growing up. "I would sit in the back and just draw and stuff." (She probably would've gotten along really well with Creepy Chan and Bloody Eyeball.) She also talked about being bullied at school. "Most of it was people pointing and staring and making me feel insecure about myself and not confident about who I was or what I looked like, so going through the competition and growing up a little really helped me gain some of the confidence back and be proud of who I am."

We love all three ladies, but which one is your favorite? Vote in our poll below.

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