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Dancing With The Stars

5 DWTS Stars We Wish Could Have Been Saved by the Judges

Last night, Tom Bergeron announced that Dancing With the Stars Season 14 is introducing a twist to the competition. Instead of eliminations being based purely on a complicated 50/50 split between the judge's scores and the audience vote, for the next four weeks the bottom two couples will have a chance to prove their stuff in a dance-off. Based on that final dance, the judges will pick who stays and who goes.

So far, our readers aren't thrilled with the idea, because it gives the judges too much power. We totally get that — we don't always agree with the judges, either (and if they end up sending the often-underscored Donald Driver home, so help us...). That said, looking back over the past seasons, there are definitely some stars we would have loved to see saved by the judges when America fell down on the job.

Hopefully this new system will end up helping awesome dancers stick around for as long as they deserve. In that spirit, here are five dancers we wish had a chance to be saved.

1. Brandy Norwood, Season 11. Brandy should have been in the finals, not Bristol Palin. We didn't hate Bristol in the way some fans did, but there's no question in our minds that Brandy was by far the stronger dancer, and we wanted see her and Maks face off against Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough for the Mirror Ball. Heck, based on dancing alone, we would have been happy to see Audrina Patridge or Rick Fox stay over Bristol, too.

2. Sabrina Bryan, Season 5. Sabrina and Mark Ballas weren't just good, they were frontrunners. They got a perfect score in Week 4, for goodness sake! One slightly-off week in Week 6 was enough to send them packing, but we wanted to see what other tricks they had up their sleeves.

3. Chynna Philips, Season 13. Chynna got off to a strong start, but one brain-fart sent her packing. As she said, DWTS is about popularity as much as dancing, and she just didn't have the fan base to pull her through when her score slipped. Mostly, we were sad Tony Dovolani went home too early once again.

4. Kristin Cavallari, Season 13. Kristin wasn't our favorite DWTS contestant ever, but she was a much, much stronger dancer than many of the people that outlasted her, like Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono. The fact that her elimination was followed by Chynna's added insult to injury, and we're guessing that that one-two punch is part of what inspired this rule change.

5. Shannen Doherty, Season 10. Shannon never had a chance to shine because she was eliminated in week one, but we think Mark could have gotten great things out of her. Certainly better things that poor Tony ever managed to wring out of Kate Gosselin.

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