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Dancing With The Stars

A Somber Jaleel White Discusses His Stressful Week on Dancing With the Stars (VIDEO)

Unfortunately, this has probably been Jaleel White's Most Memorable Week — just not in a good way. The Dancing With the Stars celeb had to deal with abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy — also the mother of their child — followed by tabloid reports that he and his Season 14 partner Kym Johnson got into a heated argument during Week 3 rehearsals.

Jaleel and Kym have both talked about their argument being exaggerated and Jaleel sat down with Nancy O'Dell of Entertainment Tonight in a long interview to share his side of the abuse story.

Wetpaint Entertainment was the first to report Jaleel’s reaction to the abuse claims, saying that the “timing is impeccable.” During the ET interview, Jaleel went into more depth about the abuse claims and his crazy week, telling Nancy he feels "vulnerable" and wants to say a lot but feels like he shouldn’t. But he argues that the reports that have been coming out are "are all not true."

"Couples argue, that's normal," Jaleel said. "I'm not going to pretend like we didn't have any arguments, obviously we broke up. But to say verbal abuse, and to come out with that during Dancing with the Stars, when this is an old child custody case matter that was settled in 2010, this is not a new story. It was an attack on my joy."

To Jaleel, Bridget's motivation for selling the story to Star Magazine was money to capitalize on his visibility being on the show. Also, he said, some people have the attitude that if we're not going to be together as a couple you want the other person to be miserable. To him, she has that attitude. But they can't wish that on each other, he said, because they have a beautiful child together.

Watch Jaleel on the next Dancing With the Stars performance on Monday, April 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: ETOnline

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