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Bachelor Fashion: Rachel Truehart on Borrowing Courtney Robertson’s Dress and Advice For Future Contestants

Rachel Truehart left her job as a fashion sales rep to go on The Bachelor Season 16 — and her sister was a model on The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Season 1 — so she has a strong background in looking good.

In a fashion exit interview, Possessionista talked to Rachel about her wardrobe choices on The Bachelor, as well as the looks of some of her fellow contestants. For example, Rachel was one of the few bachelorettes to befriend Courtney Robertson, as well as Courtney’s in-house champion, Casey Shteamer. In a new interview with Dana Weiss for her Possessionista fashion blog, Dana asked Rachel if cozying up to two of the most stylish girls in the house was part of her strategy.

“I actually shared rooms with them a couple times (bc I love them both and not just for strategy!) and would always be so jealous of their clothes & shoes!” Rachel said. “I especially loved the way Casey just really owns everything she wears and takes risks, it makes her outfits look so effortless and unique which is hard to accomplish. Her look is very original. Courtney has a great wardrobe as well (being a model has its perks!) and was actually nice enough to offer to let me wear her black Dolce & Gabbana dress for a rose ceremony (the one she wore the first night). However, I didn’t dare try to squeeze into it… I wish though!”

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Rachel was also asked about her fellow New York City Bachelorettes. Which girl would she rather share clothes with, Jaclyn Swartz or Jenna Burke? “That’s a tough one because [they] both have great style,” Rachel said. “Jaclyn and I share a strong obsession for sequins while I think Jenna and I have a similar ‘downtown’ kind of look which I love. Jaclyn’s got some amazing dresses (Jenna has borrowed many of them actually) so I might take Jaclyn’s dresses and Jenna’s more daytime attire…best of both worlds!”

Rachel also said she wished she had packed differently — and worried about running out of clothes. “I actually packed more for cold weather too for some reason which I really didn’t end up needing,” she said. “I think my biggest tip [for future Bachelor ladies] would be to borrow more clothes from friends and raid all your well-dressed friends’ closet. Maybe throw an ‘I’m going to be on tv and need amazing clothes so bring over your best’ party?” Just make sure to invite your most fashionable friends!

Read Rachel’s full interview for more fashion details.

Source: Possessionista

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