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Bones Spoilers: Booth and Brennan Sex! Will Fans Ever Actually See It?

Fans have been waiting for Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) to make sweet criminal love on Bones for seven seasons — yet despite the fact that these two just had a baby together — we still haven’t even gotten a glimpse at their naughty bedroom antics! Where is the love, Hart Hanson?

Now that Baby Bones has entered the picture, it will be harder for Booth and Brennan to stay intimate — but don't despair. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel promise we can look forward to some sexy B&B time in the weeks ahead. "People are dying to see that," David tells TV Guide. "I'm sure there will be something as the series goes on."

"We have this way of showing but not showing," Emily adds. "If we show that, where do we go from there?" Uhm, the shower, that's where! Rumor has it that Bones and Booth get wet n' wild down the road, which Emily is thrilled about. "Wooo! But we're not having any bedroom scenes right now, thank God," she says. "I just had a baby [in real life], who comes with me to work every day. Give me a little time."

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"They won't be attacking each other ferociously over steaks they're grilling outside," David confirms, while Emily adds, "Actually, David has a cold now and it was written in a scene that he gives me a kiss, and I was like, 'He is not kissing me!' So we cut the kiss. We still have some make-outs, but not in the usual way. We make out at a crime scene."

Someone arrest these two for indecent exposure! Oh, and about that crime scene makeout sesh? It’s only a few weeks away — look for it during Season 7, Episode 11: "The Family in the Feud" on April 30th.

Source: TV Guide

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